Sally. 24. Los Angeles. I work in social media. I often only listen to Taylor Swift music for weeks on end. I put entirely too much hazelnut creamer in my coffee in the mornings. Most days I spill my over-hazelnut-creamed coffee all over a brand new t-shirt. It’s a metaphor for my life, truly.

Welcome to my blog. I hope you like it! Take a seat on the comfy couch in the corner, grab yourself a cup of Earl Grey tea, and get settled. We’ve got a lot of late night Eat24 orders and binge-watching of Friends episodes on Netflix to get through together.


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  1. Jamie

    tell us about your family!! siblings, ect. what they’re like and stuff :D

    btw you have such nice hair, have you ever considered modeling for your hair? wait is there such thing?

    • whenyouthinkhappiness

      Hmmm interesting. Maybe I will do some sort of profile thing for them.. and haha too funny that you asked that! I’m actually hair modeling in a couple weeks! It’s at a salon for one of their classes :)


    […] Love and Sparkles: I just agree with a lot that she has to say and find her “About” page to be really refreshing. She believes in people and chasing dreams and documenting life, and I just love that. I also think her opening quote is perfect: “Life is a collection of stories, and these are mine.” […]

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