My Baking Wish List


I’m known as the Mrs. Claus of the office-place because I show up every Monday morning without fail with a batch of fresh-baked cookies for everyone. And they all gone approximately twenty minutes after I put them out. (Who says millennials don’t like sugar?!)

Baking was always an aspirational hobby for me. I thought it sounded fun and all but never actually ever did it beyond making pumpkin bread using the Trader Joe’s mix that comes out every Autumn. SO MUCH PUMPKIN BREAD. But recently I’ve really started diving into baking and I love it. It’s very relaxing, and there’s so much to learn. But you guys, there’s so many tools you need to bake! All I really want to do is make a three-layer cake with a rotating cake tray, is that really too much to ask?

Which is what leads us to this wish list. These are the things I would buy if I was going to invest in some baking tools:

  • Up first: cookbooks. Tanya Bakes & Sally’s Baking Addiction. Tanya is my favorite vlogger and Sally is my favorite food blogger (her cookies always get high praise at work).
  • Next up: the tools. A hand mixer because sometimes a recipe really doesn’t require a stand mixer (and they are a ton of effort to get out & clean, etc.) I want this light blue one to match my stand-up one (obviously). And then a rolling pin because literally I don’t know how I don’t own a rolling pin (??). This one from Anthro is a beaut. And then of course a scale because it’s actually much more accurate to weigh your dry ingredients than to use cup measures. Who knew? (I didn’t. I just learned this recently.)
  • And then to round out the mix, bowls for ingredient prep, a rotating cake tray (as stated above), a frosting spatula, a vat of sprinkles, and A COOKBOOK STAND.

Tanya Bakes | Rainbow Sprinkles Bulk | Kitchen Scale | KitchenAid 5-Speed Hand MixerRotating Cake Stand | Frosting Spatula | GIbson Latte Bowls | Hand-Painted Lucerne Rolling Pin | Sally’s Baking Addiction | Cookbook Stand

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