My Favorite Drugstore Foundation


I am fully aware that I look naked in the above picture, but I can promise you that I am not. It’s just five thousand degrees in my apartment so I am wearing a tank top. Anyways, today I’d like to share my favorite, favorite, favorite drugstore foundation, Maybelline’s Dream Pure BB Cream.

Okay so technically… it’s a BB Cream. But I use it as a foundation. It’s my favorite because it’s literally so easy to apply. I just smudge it all over my face and it blends like a dream. The coverage is medium (and completely weightless – you can’t feel it at ALL). I use the shade Medium. It’s suuper grey-toned, which I find to be perfect for covering red spots & any zits. I also match with the shade Light, but I prefer Medium because it gives me more life and color in my face (without looking unnatural – did I mention it blends like a dream?). My only semi-problem with this foundation is that the staying power is not greeeat. If I apply it at the beginning of a work day, it definitely does not look as great come 5pm.

So how does it compare to Maybelline’s Dream Fresh BB Cream? The Dream Fresh version is more of a tinted moisturizer formula, meaning that it’s a bit sticker to blend & has lower coverage. However, that being said, it is much glowier & has SPF in it, which is great. It’s what I use when I’m just running out for errands and don’t want to spend too much time on my skin but still want to plop something on.

IMG_0805 (1)


Drugstore foundations are really hit-or-miss. I’ve tried so many but this is the only one that I consistently re-purchase every time. What’s your favorite drugstore foundation or face product? Let me know!

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