Let’s Talk

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Can we talk? I feel like I haven’t just talked on here in so long and I just have SO MUCH TO SAY. I am currently at work an hour early sitting in the kitchen and sipping my coffee. I get here pretty early every day because I need some sort of time to de-compress and drink my coffee before work starts. Anyways, HERE ARE SOME LIFE UPDATES:

  1. I cut my hair. I told the hairstylist that I wanted it collar-bone length and to make the back taper up a tad shorter than the front, and she took that to mean a full-fledged bob. So basically I look like Rachel from Season 7 of Friends. …and I kind of love it. Except for the fact that it requires me to actually style my hair instead of just rolling out of bed every morning. Because if I do not style it, I look like a human mop. Somebody send me Rachel’s hair & makeup team, asap thx.screen-shot-2014-12-29-at-1.11.3020PM
  2. I went to Santa Barbara this past weekend! I posted on Facebook asking if anybody wanted to go with me and NOBODY DID. So I went by myself. And it was glorious. Honestly, there’s just something about the beaches there that re-aligns your life and makes things make sense. I walked on Hendry’s Beach in the morning before all the crowds came and it was very relaxing and therapeutic.
  3. Today is team day at work. I am always very disappointed in team days nowadays because they always used to bring donuts to them. Seriously, last summer I had donuts like every other week. And now they are nowhere to be found and it makes me very sad. But we do get free lunch. So there’s that.
  4. Speaking of pastries, I made mini pies this weekend! I made two kinds (this recipe & this recipe), and they turned out great except that I burnt the first ones (TIP: the peach recipe calls for way too long of a bake time. I’d cut it to 15 minutes in the oven if you make them yourself). But I also realized that mini pies are one of those pastries that needs to be eaten the same day that they come out of the oven. Because I brought the extras to work yesterday and they were just cold & a bit soggy & sad. See picture above for real-life image of me with my mini pie in a meeting yesterday morning. Very important meeting essentials, obviously.
  5. I really want a dog. I know this is kind of like a constant pressing matter of my life but Hendry’s is a dog beach so I saw SO MANY DOGS and ugh I just want one. And you can just tune out my cries because there is no way I actually have time for a dog right now, sadly. *sigh*

And that’s the most pressing matters for today. I gotta go now because everyone keeps walking by and asking me why I am sitting in the kitchen by myself. So that’s cool. Hope you have a great Tuesday!

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