Winc Wine Review: Passarola


My box of wine from Winc arrived, you guys! And now my wine shelf is looking a lot less lonely. I got four bottles, two white & two red. They look lovely next to my sparkly wine glasses that I got in a white elephant gift exchange last year.

The first wine I tried was a 2015 Passarola Vinho Branco from Portugal. Let’s talk about it. 

Disclaimer that I’m absolutely not a wine professional so take everything I say with a grain of salt. I just like wine and want to share it with all of you lovely humans!


Each wine came with a handy guide with information about the wine on one side, and a recipe to pair with it on the other. This wine was paired with a coconut milk shrimp risotto (which I did not make, whoops.)

Depth: It’s definitely a richer white that has a deep body & finish (as opposed to a crisp finish).

Flavor: The flavor felt pretty light – the body of the wine kind of took over and buried the flavor beneath it. Definitely a very mild flavor if any.

Dryness: This is how I judge all white wines – IS IT DRY? HOW DRY IS IT? ON A SCALE OF 1 TO 12, HOW DRY DO YOU THINK IT IS? I’d say that this is a medium dry wine – it’s not so dry that you can actually notice it. It has a smooth depth that’s not too sweet and not too bitter.

Allover, I’d give this wine a 6/10. Definitely not my favorite I’ve had, but still pretty good. I think it was my first Vinho Branco (and my first from Portugal). It’s the kind of wine you bring to a dinner party and everyone will love you but not the wine that you treasure forever & keep re-buying. Honestly, I used to hate white wines. I still prefer red, but now realize that not all whites are super sweet to the point of being mistaken for birthday cake. You live, you drink wine, you learn.

Have you tried this wine before? What did you think?

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