I made my first marinade yesterday and it was glorious. Lemme tell you about marinades. I was always so scared of them (I was scared of a lot of things, apparently…). But I was really craving shrimp this week so I wanted to make a really good shrimp dish. This may or may not have been inspired by the shrimp recipe in Chrissy Teigan’s cookbook (MY FAVE), but that one required too many ingredients I did not have, so I went with this recipe. So. Simple.

Oh, I just remembered that I sliced my finger while mincing garlic for this. Whoops. (Nobody freak out it wasn’t that deep..) But be careful with sharp knives, friends.


The marinade is just three ingredients: Honey, Soy Sauce, and Garlic. Make it in the morning & pop it in the fridge for the day.


After work, I just popped the shrimp into a cast-iron skillet. One minute each side, and add the extra marinade to the pan when you flip them.



AND THAT’S IT. Seriously so easy. I served it with some brown rice and topped it with a bit of extra soy sauce, but these shrimp would also go great in a stir fry or with steamed vegetables.



What did you have for dinner last night? Lemme know :)

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  1. Paul Freeman

    what did I have for dinner last night? Well, since nobody made me any cookies, I tried to eat at Taco Bell (cancelled order after waiting 30min), Burger King (found they made it wrong after driving 10 miles), McDonalds (closed), CarlsJr (closed), finally getting a chicken sandwich at Jack-in-the-Box which tasted awful. Life would have been easier with home-made cookies (or shrimp).

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