Tips For Long Flights


I live for a good ol’ long flight. I actually went through a phase a couple of years ago where anything less than five hours was miserable.  Yes, you read that right. I’m not even sure where my sanity was at that point in my life, but it’s a miracle that I even had any friends at all. I was all about the fourteen-hour rendezvous across the globe where I would partake in no less than three naps, four movies, and two hours of playing Temple Run on my iPhone. Recently, I have taken some long flights, and have re-discovered my love for being brought soda & snacks on an hourly basis and the fact that they give you complimentary pillows and blankets as if they are encouraging to take a nap.


Get an aisle seat. Some people are all about the window and their artsy Instagram photos that they take of the skyline with song lyric captions a la “While the world sleeps under my feet tonight, I’ll be up here learning to fly,” but the aisle life is the life you want to live. First of all, you can get up and use the bathroom as many times as you desire without any stress of having to wake up your neighbor who is drooling in his or her sleep. The horror. And second of all, and more importantly, you can see when the food cart is coming and plan your time (and your order) accordingly.


Use the bathroom a lot. This is one of those things that I probably shouldn’t have to tell you or explain the science behind… You gotta get up and stretch your legs and empty your bladder in order to keep your blood moving and your limbs active, etc.


DRINK WATER. This is related to the above notion. Keep your systems up to speed by hydrating as much as possible. I mean first of all, our body is made of mostly water, so maintaining that level will help with the transport of nutrients, digestion, kidney functioning, and much more.


CAFFEINE. Yes, you want that Coca Cola, and yes, you want a coffee with extra sugar and cream. Delta Airlines serves Starbucks coffee…… I’m just saying………… But, don’t drink caffeine if you’re going to be arriving late into your destination because you are not going to be able to sleep. But on the other hand…….. YOLO.anigif_enhanced-31278-1410901359-8


Watch as many episodes of The Mindy Project as humanly possible. And then when you run out of episodes, feel free to start them over again because they are just as good the second time around.


And wear shorts. After one too many flights where I wore skinny jeans that cut off my circulation after so many hours, I have given in to wearing shorts and then using the complimentary blanket to keep warm. It works like a charm.


Use that complimentary blanket! Determine where to put it to make you most comfortable. Maybe just drape it over your face to block out the negative energy of those around you who do not love airplane rides as much as you do..


If you see a colonial woman on the wing of the airplane, just keep it to yourself… I mean….



Maybe don’t drink so much that you think that there is a colonial woman on the wing of the plane. Okay?



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