I just need to ramble, ya know? And I was trying to figure out how to incorporate these things into blog posts but talking about my new sweater supply did not seem to fit in anywhere soooooooo I’m just gonna word vomit on you here. WELCOME TO MY BRAIN.

  1. My hair consistently looks like I am auditioning for a role in the Where The Wild Things Are movie, which is nothing short of a major problem. Seriously, it’s bad.
  2. I went to return something at Banana Republic and managed to leave with three new sweaters. It was 60% all of their sale items and everything was on sale, okay?!! I CANNOT RESIST A GOOD SWEATER SALE.
  3. I was going through an existential crisis in the beginning of the year/the end of last year, during which time I did not go to SoulCycle at all, and I genuinely considered just quitting altogether. But thank goodness for split-second decisions to go back . Last night was my second class back, and I vow to never cheat on my favorite instructor again because it just took that one class to remind me why she is my favorite instructor. First of all, the second song she played was ‘Bad Blood’ by Taylor Swift – *insert clapping emoji*. Second of all, she is the queen of pep talks. For example, last night included “Your strength starts at the bottom of the mountain. You don’t have to wait ’til you get to the top to be strong.” and “If somebody does not see your worth, they need to get their ass out of your light.” WHOEVER KNEW THAT SPINNING CLASSES COULD DOUBLE AS THERAPY? Also, just so I don’t romanticize the whole thing too much, it’s one hell of a workout. According to my brother, one 45-minute class can pretty much sweat off all of the food you ate that week.
  4. I just started Calling Me Home by Julie Kibler, and I really love the style of writing and and storyline. However, I did look up reviews online and everyone is saying that is it heart-wrenchingly sad. Have you read it? Thoughts?
  5. My nail polish is currently O.P.I. Cute Little Vixen, which is the best nail polish of all time.
  6. I’ve decided that Whole Foods is like a drug. You don’t go there for a very long time and think that you don’t need it in your life but then suddenly you go back and realize that they now sell VEGAN DONUTS in the pastry section and have basically every food you could ever hope to ever have and an EXCELLENT salad bar with shredded chicken. It’s basically the epitome of America. Oh, you want a selection of fifteen different varieties of almond butter? Whole Foods is there for you.

End of word vomit.


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