Holiday Gift Guide: The Blogger

Given that this is a blog, I’m guessing that there are a lot of people who read this blog (or who read blogs in general) who have blogs themselves? Correct? So today I shall be doing a gift guide for the blogger in your life (or for yourself!). Let’s get started.

  1. A Beautiful Mess 2015 Planner: Not only are these planners insanely adorable, they are made by a blogger duo (and their team!). The planners are all-inclusive with a storage pocket, two sticker sheets, a place-marking ribbon, monthly divider tabs, and an elastic band closure!
  2. HeartAndArrowDesign Blog Weekly Planner: The. Most. Ingenious. Thing. You. Have. Ever. Seen? Seriously, I might just keep up this “post every day” thing I this was in my possession.
  3. Jac Vanek ‘Full Of Secrets’ Canvas Pouch: Because a blogger’s makeup bag is obviously full of secrets. Well.. full of secrets that they spill on their blog on a daily basis…
  4. CharmAndGumption Bloggers Gonna Blog Print: Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play and the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.. and the BLOGGERS GONNA BLOG, BLOG, BLOG, BLOG, BLOG.
  5. CharmAndGumption Blogs & Coffee Heart Mug: The perfect addition to your morning blogging session. This design also comes in a print to hang on your wall!
  6. FOTOSTRAP Custom Canvas Camera Strap: Get your favorite blogger’s initials or name engraved on one of these adorable camera straps! Sooo much better than those default camera brand black straps.
  7. BlogShop: On the real, this is the class that taught me everything I know about Photoshop. Within two hours of the beginning of the first day, I had already learned how to resize photos, create grids, and adjust saturation levels. If there’s not a class happening in your region, they also offer the course online!
  8. Photography Lighting Equipment: After going back and forth on what a blogger would actually NEED, it came to me that most bloggers are also photography nuts. Blog photography is a big part of how your blog looks, and it’s hard to find the perfect natural lighting to grab that perfect shot. So why not get them some professional backdrops or reflectors? I found this amazing post about all of the lighting equipment you could ever need for your blog, and all of the links to products can be found over there.

Do you have a blog? Do any of these items pop out at you as something you desperately need?


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