Holiday Gift Guide: For Her (Part 2)

Hi, my name is Sally and welcome to today’s episode of Intervention. The topic we will be discussing today is how I post too many gift guides. Sorry bout’ it! I feel like today’s gift guide is color-coordinated and that makes me happy.

  1. Fossil Print Bifold Wallet: Please raise your hand if this in any way reminds you of the Disney movie WALLE. Or any other ridiculously cute robot love story that you need to have on a wallet…. My point exactly.
  2. ‘But First, Coffee’ Thermal Mug: This is just a public service announcement that has the cutest stuff of all time. If you are desperately looking for a place other than Target to go Christmas shopping, this is it. However, I’m pretty sure they do sell their stuff at Target.
  3. BaubleBar Crystal Zodiac Strand: If this isn’t the cutest necklace you have ever seen, you are lying to yourself.
  4. Wildfox ‘Run Forever’ Sweatshirt: Cute saying on sweatshirts that you can lounge around in AND wear with jeans AND wear over your workout clothes is just an A+ present in my opinion.
  5. 2015 Agenda: Yes, you are very busy and you do not have time to binge-watch your favorite Netflix show on Friday. How did you know that? BECAUSE YOU HAVE THIS CUTE LIL’ AGENDA TO TELL YOU.
  6. Laura Mercier Almond Honey Coconut Bath: If you have a bath tub, I am A) very jealous & B) very insistent on the fact that you purchase this bubble bath magical-ness for yourself or for a friend who also has a bath tub. Don’t believe me, read those reviews!
  7. Grande Cord Tacos: TACOS? DID SOMEBODY SAY TACOS?!? Yeah no sorry these are not edible. But they hold your headphones so that’s nifty! (And they are metallic, enough said.)
  8. Philosophy Christmas Cookie: Yes, this does happen to be a shampoo, a shower gel, and a bubble bath ALL IN ONE. Yes, it does smell like Christmas. And yes, your friends would love to unwrap one on Christmas.

And that concludes today’s episode of ‘Sally needs to stop drinking so much caffeinated tea at night when she should be sleeping.’ Check out the rest of my holiday gift guides here!


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