The Other Typist: A Review

“With one simple act, Odalie had snared me in a trap that consisted of equal parts temptation and shame. I was bound to her from that moment on, always wondering yet eternally unable to ask if she was privy to my act of covetous theft. All this before we’d ever even shaken hands or been introduced.” – The Other Typist, Chapter 1.

It is 1924 and Rose Baker is as plain as can be in every aspect of the world. She was raised by nuns, and she has always been taught to follow the rules and stray within the lines. And for her job as a typist for the NYPD, it is imperative that she does exactly that. She sits in on interviews and transcribes every confession or lack-of-confession that comes out of the victim’s mouth, making gruesome murders seem like small talk about the weather.

When Odalie Lazare walks into the police precinct to interview for an open typist position, she changes the course of Rose’s life entirely. Well… not immediately of course. At first, Rose just surveys her from afar, because Odalie is just one of those people who can capture the attention of an entire ballroom of strangers just by stepping through the door. Soon after the initial workroom tension is broken, Rose is swept up into Odalie’s world of speakeasys, fancy dresses, lavish lunches, movie theater tickets, and secrecy.

And then all of a sudden, during a coastal getaway amidst the blisteringly-hot New York months, Odalie’s past seems to catch up with her and her secret starts to rip at the seams.

Oh, and I must warn you that there will be a point in the book where you will realize that the story is being told from a point in the future, looking back upon what happened. Rose is recounting her experiences, and she keeps referencing an “accident.” After you realize that fact, you will be so drawn into the story that you may have to stay up until 1am to finish it. I’M JUST SAYING… Plan your sleep schedule accordingly.

Suzanne Rindell writes with a silent force that will creep up on you in the most un-suspecting way and I dare say that The Other Typist is a captivating as Odalie Lazare herself.

Have you read The Other Typist? Let me know below. If you haven’t, grab your copy here!


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