October Favorites


Halloween has come and gone, and I happily spent it in a hotel room eating mushroom pizza from Whole Foods and watching Pirates of the Caribbean on TV. And with Halloween out the door and the endless pumpkin pies of November knocking on the door, it’s officially time to discuss everything I loved in October.

LUSH None Of Your Beeswax lip balm: My lips were so dry and chapped at the beginning of the month and none of my normal lip balms were working, so I ran to LUSH (I didn’t actually run, that would be weird) to see what remedies they had in store. AND I LOVE THIS LIP BALM SO MUCH. First of all, it works wonders. Second of all, it leaves this beautiful shine as well as a tint of nude color, so it’s basically a double-duty lip balm/lip gloss. Obsessed.

Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Cleanser: This is an exfoliating face wash that is gentle enough for daily use. I used to use it for years, and then I rediscovered it this month and it has really cleared up my skin.

Kat Von D Ink Liner: This. Is. My. New. Favorite. Liquid. Eyeliner. I went into Sephora to pick up the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner which I had heard so much about, but then I saw the Ink Liner which promised a more bold line. And with me, I either do no eyeliner at all or up-the-drama with a cat eye, so the Ink Liner seemed more fit. AND I LOVE IT. Full post may be coming soon when I get my camera back.

A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall: If you’re on the search for a quick and easy read, this may be exactly what you’re looking for. Gabe and Lea are in the same creative writing class in college, and they both have major crushes on each other but refuse to do anything about it. The story is told through the eyes of 14 different narrators, everyone from their creative writing teacher to the Chinese food delivery guy to a park squirrel, who all want them to get together. It’s a fast read and it’s overly adorable.

AEO Hooded Parka: I spent a large portion of the month of October in New York, and news flash: NEW YORK IS COLD. And as a girl from California who could always get away with wearing shorts until December, I needed a fast remedy for my light sweaters. This jacket bascially saved me from getting frostbite. It’s comfortable, warm, and somewhat stylish. Love love lovvveeeee.

And that’s it. Hope you all had a lovely Halloween! Happy Sunday!

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