24 Hours In Sydney


During my first quarter of my last year of college, I studied abroad in Sydney while living with the absolute cutest Australian family. They say to treasure your the times in your life that fill you with happiness, because those are the memories that will get you through the tough times. The time I spent in Sydney is a time in my life that I am so thankful for because I have such magical memories from those ten weeks. For my first installment of 24 Hours In Sydney (there is just no way that I can just do one..), I’m going to take you from the little town of Cremorne where I lived to downtown and everywhere in between.

8:00AM: Bar Pistevo. If there’s one thing that you need to know about Sydney, it’s that they do coffee right. I can actually count this cute little cafe as the very first place that I ever had coffee. That’s a whole other story by itself, but Australians just love their coffee. This is the cafe that I spent many weekend mornings with my homestay family at, solving crossword puzzles (their favorite activity) while sipping on lattes.

9:00AM: Balmoral Beach. This stream of sand is absolutely Sydney’s best kept secret. After you finish your coffee, head on over to the bus stop or start the thirty-minute walk over to Balmoral. Pick a spot on the beach, and be prepared to take a nap and think that you are in the Caribbean when you wake up. Unlike the famous (and huge) Bondi and Manly beaches, Balmoral has a quieter atmosphere and is located on a harbor instead of the open ocean.

12:00PM: Bottom of the Harbour for lunch. This restaurant at Balmoral Beach is the perfect place to pick up some food. It apparently has the best fish & chips in Sydney?

1:00PM: Walk from Cremorne Point to Mosman Wharf. This beautiful walk has a paved trail and the best views of the Sydney Opera House on this side of the bay. The best part? It ends at a ferry station, where you can take a ferry directly to Circular Quay in the heart of Sydney.

2:00PM: Ferry Ride to Circular Quay from Mosman Wharf. You cannot go to Sydney without taking a ferry ride, it’s just a fact.

2:30PM: Take a walk around the harbor. Once you arrive at the Circular Quay, head towards the Opera House, walk around or through it, and you will see a walkway that loops around the harbor. One of the most awe-inspiring parts of Sydney is the harbor, and just strolling around is so beyond relaxing. Depending on how far you go, you will pass a number of different attractions, one being the Royal Botanic Gardens! Take the afternoon to walk around and absorb Sydney’s beautiful weather and colorful birds.

6:00PM: Opera Bar. This stylish bar is right on the water and right under the Opera House itself. With the best cocktails and most delicious food, this is one place that you really cannot miss. I ate here with my dad on our first night in Sydney and there was a thunder and lightning storm happening at the same time, which was the coolest thing ever.

7:30PM: Sydney Opera House. When in Sydney, you absolutely have to catch a show in the Opera House itself. From musical acts to theatre performances to comedy shows, there is always something to watch.

The end. Thanks for reading! Happy Tuesday!

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