How To Define Yourself


Our lives aren’t defined by a single moment; it’s a combination of occurrences that we may or may not have control over. We’re not defined by who resides in our life, the neighborhood block that we grew up in, or the path that other people envision for us. Those factors shape us, yes, but it’s up to us to figure out and fight for the place where we fit into this complicated ecosystem.

Everybody has gone through failure, has been cut to pieces by a single succession of syllables, and has had their heart broken into pieces that they didn’t know how to put back together. Don’t let those bad moments define you, but on the flip side, don’t let your moments of greatness define you. Let you define you. The way your heart skips a beat every time your favorite team scores a goal and how you always order an extra shot of expresso in your coffee. The fact that you know every word of the theme song to your favorite TV show and how you put up your Christmas tree before Thanksgiving is even over. That time you met that famous person and forgot how to form sentences (me), that time that were late to a really important meeting, and that time you said the wrong thing at the wrong time (and that moment of weakness replays in your head whenever your mind wanders) are all memories that will always live with you, but defining yourself is a constant work-in-progress, not a one-time deal.

You’re defined by how you choose to use the moments ahead of you. You’re defined by how you choose to get out of bed every morning and create something, build something, and learn something from this world.  Never stop fighting for the life that you know is out there for yourself. Never stop. It’s up to you to be that person that all of your acquaintances tell their friends about because you’ve redefined greatness.

Thanks for reading. Happy Monday! That cool print above is from InkThePrint’s etsy shop, and this post was inspired by a video I watched by Chris Klemens.

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