An Ode To Darkness


There’s something so all-consuming about the night. When the sun shines its light onto every little thing during the day, my mind is pulled into a million different directions. The nighttime is when all of that disappears and I can just have a conversation with myself. Like a cup of black coffee, the night is powerful. When I was out on a run the other day, I realized why I enjoy night runs so much. It’s because during those runs, there’s not a million thoughts racing through my mind. It’s just me and the pavement and the song that’s pulsing through my headphones.

In a strange way, I prioritize better at night. It’s when the world is quiet and I can think clearly. Things that seemed so complicated during the day make complete sense to me at night. You can reinvent yourself during the night and wake up as a completely new person.

Besides, when darkness consumes the sky, the stars bring light to those who are crazy enough to go outside and embrace the night like an old friend.

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