My Favorite Blogs Of The Moment

When I think about the longevity of my blog, I look to the blogs that have developed an wide audience and whose quality is consistently phenomenal. I’m a sucker for photography, but most importantly, I love when somebody’s personality seeps through their words. There are blogs that just post pictures of outfits, and I usually end up unfollowing them on BlogLovin’ because I care more about the person behind the blog than the clothes they wear. I want my blog to be about my actual life. If there ever comes a point when I start doing things or buying things just to make my life look more interesting, I would stop. This is my real life, my real struggles, and my real adventures. And these are the blogs that have been inspiring me lately. Hope you like them too!

Paris in 4 Months – The story behind Paris in 4 Months is one worth sharing. Carin, a Swedish lady, moved to Paris for 4 months to learn French and make her dream of living in Paris a reality. Once she moved back home, she realized how much she missed the city so she is now back living in Paris and sharing her life through her blog. What draws me in about this blog is the photography. I wish I could make my life look as fabulous through a lens as she does. Definitely worth a look, even if it is just to gaze at the dreamy quality of her photo snaps.


Kayture – Not only is Kristina Bazan completely stunning and able to pull off just about any look, her personality absolutely shines through her posts like the sun through an open window. When she presents a new outfit post or brand focus, you also learn about her experience in the city she was shooting in and her favorite restaurants there and the weather and just about anything and everything you would ever want to know. She keeps it very real. Originally from Switzerland, her influence spans worldwide and she has gotten the ability to travel the world through her blog. Oh, and I am obsessed with her signature eyeliner look. Need to master it.


HelloOctober – HelloOctober is a beauty blog with a lifestyle twist. She is very conversational in her posts, and incorporates fashion features, recipes, and just chats about her life. My favorite posts of hers are her Sunday posts. On Sundays, she posts about what she does, whether it is going out for coffee or to brunch, or even just laying around all day watching movies. I’m not sure why, but I really enjoy learning about people’s lives and what they like to do when they have spare time. Reading her posts makes me want to go out and buy all of the beauty products she mentions, but I restrain myself and just live vicariously through her always perfect winged eyeliner.

hellooctoberIf you want additional recommendations, just ask! I could list of a billion (slight exaggeration) more that I absolutely adore. Do you have any favorite blogs? Let me know in the comments! Have a wonderful day!

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