New York City: Cronuts, Tourists, and a Blizzard


Besides basically growing up on the east coast (I was born in Boston), I had not been back for a substantial period of time until last week. After my previous blog post about New Year’s Eve, you can piece together that I spent the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 in the city that never sleeps and I loved every second. My friend Caitlyn and I were those obnoxious Californians who made snow angels in the snow during the blizzard and spent entirely too much time in Dylan’s Candy Shop. On New Year’s Day when we ate breakfast at 4pm (thanks NYE….) to waiting in freezing temperatures to get Book of Mormon tickets that sold out right when we got to the front of the line, I acquired so many beautiful memories.


Everybody always says that New Yorkers are a tough bunch of people, but I beg to differ. Everybody I met was absolutely lovely. Maybe it was because most of the people I met were tourists who were beyond excited to be in New York.. From the girl in front of me from Australia who waited three hours in line for a Cronut only to have it be sold out, to the couple from Texas that I befriended in the line while waiting for the bathroom, I had the best experience.


For one thing, the food is out of this world.. One night I had dinner in an old library-turned-restaurant! We also experienced afternoon tea in an Alice-In-Wonderland-themed tea shop and had the best pizza of my life in Brooklyn.  Additionally, every part of the city is completely different than the next. I can’t wait to go back, whenever that may be. 


As that person who loves to document every second of my life, I filmed this week-long trip… Yes, I was that person with my camera out in the pouring rain. In the video below, you can experience New York City along with me as I walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and see snow for the first time in five years. I was a little bit too excited. 

Thanks for reading (watching)! Thanks for existing! You are wonderful. Happy Friday! By the way, if you ever go to New York, feel free to send me a message and I can tell you exactly which things I did and what I would recommend!


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