So… the holidays are coming up. I am assuming that your most important question in life right now is: “How do I stay healthy during the holidays?? ” Well.. I can’t help you there. Well… I can. But not in today’s post. Today I will be showing you a healthy recipe that I make practically every other day! It’s a green smoothie that can be a meal substitute or just a snack for in-between meals. Follow these 7 easy steps and you will be a green smoothie maven!!! Like, I’m actually quite obsessed with this smoothie and I just recently perfected the consistency so let’s just get on with it.

STEP 1: Get out a blender. If said blender does not have residence in your kitchen, borrow from a neighbor. If said neighbor is not home, break into their house, take the blender, and leave a note.

STEP 2: Put dogs outside. If you are a dog owner, you will understand this step. Or maybe not.

STEP 3: Chop up kale. Place kale in blender. I’ve never really measured how much I use so I’m trusting you to make an intelligent decision here. Pour another intelligently-thought-out amount of milk over kale. You can use any kind of milk you want. I prefer nonfat, but almond milk is also acceptable. Blend up! Keep blending in kale until you are h a p p y.

STEP 4: Strawberries. Blend.

STEP 5: 3/4 of a large banana. OR 1  small banana. Blend.

STEP 6: 1 handful of blueberries. 1 tablespoon chia seeds. Blend. And that’s it, folks!

IMG_1971Note: Koala mug not required but greatly increases the happiness of smoothie drinker. This particular mug is from the land of koalas, otherwise known as Australia.

Thanks for reading! Thanks for existing! You are wonderful. Happy Tuesday!

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