Life Lessons Learned From A Hyperactive Puppy


Meet Dakota. Seven months of pure energy. She would like you. I would bet my life on that fact. She likes everybody. I once had to chase her down the street because she saw a gardener that she needed to say hello to. She’s a bundle of joy that is more of a handful than I can explain, but I deal with her because she sleeps on my bed at night and she just radiates love at every moment of the day. As you can see from the picture above, she loves to look out the window. I’m also teaching her how to drive, just ask my brother.. Here are some parts of her life that I think we can all try to incorporate into our own lives.

  1. Take time to lay in the grass – As a society, we are all so connected to technology. We feel the need to constantly check our emails and update our Facebook status and scroll endlessly through somebody’s Instagram feed. When we are focusing so much on what is behind a screen, we are missing what is going on around us. I mean that in the way that a) you should never text and drive and b) there’s life happening all the time and people to talk to and dreams to chase. On walks around the neighborhood, Dakota will often just stop in the middle of a block to lay on someone’s grass. She thrives in the tall grass where she can hide her face while still looking at you, but any grass will do.  When you try to pull her up, she just rolls onto her back. It’s really an excellent life she leads.
  2. Become an excellent nap-taker – We overwork ourselves and stress ourselves out beyond belief about things that shouldn’t even matter. I may or may not be referencing myself when I say that. We just need to live life and take a nap when you want to take a nap and drink a milkshake when we want to drink a milkshake. If you take a nap, just make sure you set an alarm because often we don’t realize exactly how tired we are and end up sleeping for a few solid hours. Let me just tell you, Dakota naps ALL. THE. TIME. It’s really a matter of extremes with her. She’s either bouncing off the walls or really tired. When she’s tired, she naps. It’s as simple as that.
  3. Be genuinely excited when you meet people – We all have a need for human interaction and conversation, so make an effort not to look completely unapproachable when you are out and about. You never know who you will meet. Of course, there are some people who you are just not gonna get along with. The people who you could sit in complete silence with because you really just have nothing to say to them. But then, and you will know when you meet them, there are people who you will just “click” with immediately, and they will make your world a better place. Dakota is a strange dog who not only gets excited about other dogs, but gets excited about people too. It’s weird but endearing at the same time.
  4. Wake up early – People who start their day at an early hour are generally more productive than those who sleep in. There’s something so calming about being up and watching the sky when everybody else is asleep. I say this because I have often found myself outside at obnoxiously early hours to let Dakota out to pee. Which, of course, is vital to make sure that she doesn’t pee on my carpet. Let’s say, for example, 4:37am. Lovely time. This morning was actually 6:19am. I’m not saying that you have to wake up at 5am but you could potentially wake up at 6am to take an early-morning yoga class or go swimming or even just make coffee and get in an extra hour of productivity in before you are surrounded with distractions.
  5. Be so loud and obnoxious in the morning that you force other people to wake up early with you! Okay maybe not. Maybe you shouldn’t do that. Maybe that was what happened yesterday. Maybe Dakota was barking at my door at 8am so I let her in and she caused a riot and woke up my other dog so I jumped out of bed, ran around my room to catch her, and then took her outside where she and I sat in peace for a while and at that point I was so awake that I just brushed my teeth and ate some yogurt.

Thanks for reading! Thanks for existing! You are wonderful. Happy Tuesday!


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