So This Is A Title


It’s just one of those days where you cannot for the life of you figure out how to recline your chair and you absolutely cannot get any work done unless your chair has acquired the ability to recline. It’s not that you will actually be reclining your chair while you are working, it’s just the knowledge that you could recline your chair if the occasion arose. And then all of a sudden you get so worked up over the subject that you decide that you need to go and make yourself an avocado sandwich because the macaron that you ate earlier is giving you a headache even though you only had one bite before you threw it out.

And then, while you are making your avocado sandwich, you realize that you are just in such a hurry to make the sandwich and losing energy for every second that you don’t have that sandwich that you are acting irrational. You notice that yes, you did just slam the toaster oven door shut and yes, you did almost crush your loaf of bread while closing it. And yes, you roommate is sitting at the kitchen table studying and probably thinks that you are psychotic which could be arguably correct because I mean.. who isn’t psychotic in the moments before a sandwich is done?

Today has been an interesting day. Interesting in the fact that I have been up since 7:47 am and have been pretty productive all day yet I feel like I haven’t done anything and I feel like the heat is eating me alive. After working on my articles for tomorrow, I decided to go to the beach. And by beach, I mean rec pool, I just don’t have the emotional stability to press the backspace button to erase the fact that I said beach. I went by myself because I live right across the street from it (correction: I live across the walkway from it.) I had not been “tanning” or “near a beach-like body of water” since I went to Balmoral Beach in Australia. To my knowledge, the last time I went to Balmoral was with my friend Matty and we went went for approximately 4 hours and he was sleeping for approximately 3 hours and 43 minutes of those 4 hours. And ya know what? I have decided that it is much more emotionally stable to go tanning with somebody rather than by yourself even if they do sleep the whole time and acquire tan lines that resemble the color contrast effect of a Zebra. Maybe next time I go to the rec pool I will go with a friend. But maybe not.

Yesterday in class we got back the first drafts of our profiles that we submitted last week. I wrote my profile about my dear friend Caylee who I met through Taylor Swift. She’s been to a million and one concerts and has met Taylor a million and two times. Anyways, we got our profiles back and since it is a known fact that nobody in the class can read his handwriting, he went around to every single person to talk to them about his comments. I was the third person he talked to and the two people in front of me just looked absolutely miserable about their comments on their papers. And then he got to me… “This is as close to perfect as a first draft can be. In fact, I would have probably accepted this for your final draft.” And then my group members and I started gazing at each others’ papers. “How does yours have no marks? This is perfect! Can I read it?” “Yeah sure.” “Oh my gosh. This is amazing. He was just telling me how I need to incorporate more detail into my writing and I totally get what he means by that now.” Just to be clear, I am in no way trying to brag or anything of the sort, it’s just nice to have found something that I’m actually good at and enjoy doing. So it’s safe to say that I’ve had a really good week so far besides the fact that my chair still does not recline.



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  1. Julianne

    It’s ok, my chair doesn’t recline either. I also don’t have an avocado sandwich. Could you mail me one? Kay thanks.

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