Saturday Six – April 11

Hello! Long time no blog… whoops. I’ve been pretty busy with school and biking through rainstorms and all. Here’s my six favorite things of the week! Hope you enjoy.

1. Bare Minerals Exfoliating Treatment Cleanser – I have always been a loyal user of Clean & Clear brand skin care. Their stuff has worked for me for years. But recently, I had been noticing that I was breaking out a lot and that my face wash just made my skin red and irritated. Long story short, I was at the mall to buy some things I needed and I stumbled into the Bare Minerals store. Honestly was not planning on buying anything but this lady seemed to know anything and everything about my skin and said she had a product that would help me. I decided to try it and I promise you, my acne cleared up after just a couple uses. It’s a weird product because it’s actually a powder, and is activated by water. I’m still trying to figure out the best way for it to work but I am so happy with my purchase. Slightly expensive at $26 but so worth it.


2. Anthropologie – Spring is HERE! Pants left the building weeks ago and now it’s all about shorts and shirts (at least for me). My new favorite place to shop for Spring clothes is Anthropologie. I guess I should clarify that it is my new favorite place to browse.. Their stuff is pretty expensive and I can’t afford 90% of it. I was in Anthropologie yesterday and I ended up getting two shirts, which was a big accomplishment for me because there were at least ten things I wanted to buy. This store is usually hit or miss for me but there stuff right now is all beautiful and really slimming. There was this Maxi dress that I wanted SO bad but it was I just could not bring myself to buy it. Anthropologie is just a cool store in general, and not only for clothing – they have the most interesting books and home decor and mugs and I just want to live there. I’ll sleep on the bed they have set up in the back it’ll be great.


3. Dakota – If you are not already aware, my mom adopted a new puppy from the humane society and my whole family is already in love with her. We think she’s a Jack Russell Terrier but we’re not sure. When I came home last weekend, there was nobody home when I walked into the house. I said hello to our other dog Oliver and I ran to the bathroom because I had to go. I’m thinking to myself “I wonder where the puppy is” when I hear this WAILING coming from the living room. “Oh god, she’s a barker… Fantastic….” I walk into the living room expecting to see this huge puppy and realize that she’s the smallest thing I’ve ever seen and absolutely breaking the cuteness scale. She goes from running around the entire house to falling asleep in your arms. She’s is so social and friendly and spunky and you would all love her.


4. Haircut – Yes, I cut my hair. After having it long for what seems like forever, I cut it. Well.. I didn’t cut it.. My hair dresser Christina cut it. Oh and did I mention she cut it for free? When I mentioned to her that I wanted to chop off major inches, she immediately asked me if I wanted to be a hair model for a class that was being taught by the owner of the salon. I would get a free haircut and she would be learning new ways to cut hair. I said yes, she set up a date that worked with my schedule, and yesterday I chopped it all off. It was such a fascinating experience because I got to see the technique that goes into cutting hair versus just sitting there and zoning out. The owner of the salon who taught the class is the best of the business. He’s done NY Fashion Week, styled hair for celebs, everything. When he saw my hair, he absolutely freaked and asked me to come in again to hair model for him so he can cut my hair during his demo day next month. Let’s just say he usually charges $200 per hour and I will get it all for free because he likes my hair. Excellent.

photo (1)

5. Garden oasis – We all claim that our lives become too routine, we never do anything interesting, and we get bored with it. Maybe it’s time that we all let go of the past, forget about the future, and focus on the present. Maybe it’s time we forget about everything in our lives that needs to get done. One of my favorite things to do is take my dog Oliver to the park near our house. He absolutely loves it there and it is absolutely filled with grass (and squirrels). The park I go to is attached via pedestrian freeway bridge to another park. Oliver always wants to go over there but I’m usually always in a hurry and if we go over there, it will take him forever to come back. Today, I had a million things planned to do and was really not in the mood to extend our walk another hour. Finally, I decided that I would let him go and we crossed the freeway and let’s just say that I let him wander further than usual, which made up stumble upon a garden on the other side of the park!! So happy that I decided to let him explore a bit more.


6. The Best American Magazine Writing 2012 – All college students hate buying textbooks. It’s just a fact of life. Sometimes they cost over $100 and then you don’t even use them and it’s a waste of time and money. It’s also a fact of life that to be a good writer, you have to be a good reader. You have to read works by talented writers and story-tellers. You have to understand what makes something flow and understand how many different ways to approach a story from. One of my required books this quarter is The Best American Magazine Writing 2012, which is a compilation of award-winning pieces. A perfect read for me because I would love to write for a magazine one day. Not only is the writing spectacular, but the content is absolutely fascinating. I just read one article about a child who is a chess genius and another about two college students who got too deep into the Arms dealings of the Military. It’s an excellent book and I would highly recommend it.


Thanks for reading. Thanks for existing. You are wonderful. Happy Saturday!

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