In class last week we learned about how you can tell a story from a variety of angles. We read a clip about a riot that was happening. The writer sat on the 20th story of the building and described the chaos. For a second, the chaos became a painting. It became art. I could probably could describe today’s bombing event from a variety of viewpoints but none of them could ever in a million years be art. What happened today breaks my heart. What happened today isn’t okay and never will be okay. It’s sad to me that we live in a such a world where even the happiest of places can be transformed into a horror story in the matter of seconds. An elementary school in Connecticut. A movie theater in Colorado. The finish line of the Boston Marathon. A race that people spend the whole year training for. A place where you are supposed to be celebrating a great achievement, not mourning the death of your loved ones. I honestly don’t even know what to say about what happened today other than to hold your loved ones tight because you never know when they will be taken from you.

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