The list of buckets.

dream a little bigger darling

Okay so the ever-so-excellent back story to this post is that I am in a class right now where we basically have to write stories about our lives. One of our assignments was to write an story about where we see ourselves in five years. I obviously wrote mine about how I’m going to take over the world and own four dogs, three cats, five chickens, eleven talking parrots and an elephant. It’s going to be a life, okay. It’s going to be a life. Anyways what I was getting at was that at the end of our 5-year plan we had to attach a bucket list, which I thought was a pretty interesting idea so I’ve decided to share mine here. I have obviously had this written for years because I’m just that kind of person.

  1. Train for and complete a half marathon: This is one that may get checked off my list fairly soon as I am registered for the Disneyland half marathon in September. I’ve run races before but I’ve never actually trained for them. I want to be in shape to a point where when I run that race, it will just feel like a long workout instead of a struggle.
  2. Live in London for a year: Last Spring I studied abroad in London and I completely fell in love with the city. I’ve told myself that one day I will go back and live there permanently.
  3. Road trip across the country: I love to drive. I love looking at the landscape passing and seeing animals dotting the fields as my car passes. I also love to travel and see new places. So I figure why not combine the two and drive across America, stopping at places I’ve always wanted to see. Also, my parents did this with me and my sister when I was little and they’ve always said that it’s something you need to do at least once in your life.
  4. Climb Half Dome: This is the ultimate definition of achievement. When you’re up there looking over what feels like the entire world, I bet that feeling is irreplaceable.
  5. Get married to the love of my life: Getting married and having children is something that I have always wanted. I want to fall so deeply in love that it wouldn’t make sense not to get married.
  6. Go Salmon fishing in Alaska: To be clear, I have been salmon fishing in Alaska. I was on a boat with 20-30 people and we were salmon fishing for approximately 5 hours. I, however, was the only person who did not catch a single salmon. I demand a redo.
  7. Go hot air ballooning – This is one of those storybook experiences that can never be replaced.
  8. Go bungee jumping – Remember that time my friend Tina and I almost spontaneously went bungee jumping in Scotland but then decided against it at the last minute? Yeah, me too.
  9. Publish a book: I absolutely love to write and would love to share my work with an audience larger than just whoever decides to click on the links I post on Facebook. I would not necessarily want to release a novel but an advice or travel book.
  10. Spend New Year’s Eve in Times Square: My typical New Year’s Eve is spent on my couch watching the ball drop on television whilst eating whatever I find in the pantry. I want to be there in real life and be a part of the NYE excitement.
  11. Rescue a dog – I want my own dog. It’s on my to-do list once I graduate college. I’m not saying that it will happen immediately after I graduate or even for years after I graduate but trust me, it will happen.
  12. Swim with dolphins in the wild: The have swam with dolphins was in a pool in Hawaii when I was little but I want to swim with them in their natural habitat.
  13. Learn to play guitar: I’ve tried before but I always gave up after an hour when my fingers developed calluses. I want to take a class and learn the proper way.
  14. Watch every episode of Friends: When I studied abroad in Australia this past Fall, my homestay family watched the TV show Friends every day. I became hooked on the show and want to watch every season so that I can be in the loop when my friends make Friends references.
  15. Live in the countryside: I have this dream of living on a ranch and owning horses that I will ride through the grassy fields into the sunset every night. Yes, every. night.
  16. Sail to Hawaii with my dad: My dad loves to sail and he has always talked about wanting to do the sail to Hawaii. It sounds dangerous but I would love complete that sail to Hawaii with him one day.
  17. Spend a summer in Laguna Beach: I think Laguna is one of the most beautiful places in the whole world. It’s also the place that my mom grew up in. I would love to take a summer off and just relax by the beach every day.
  18. Have brunch with Taylor Swift: Anybody who knows me knows how obsessed I am with Taylor Swift. I’ve met her twice and have had a conversation with her but I would love to really get to know her over brunch. And if you weren’t aware, brunch is my favorite meal of the day.
  19. Own a Nespresso machine: When I was in Australia, my host mom got a Nespresso machine for her birthday and I really feel like my cool factor would be increased if I had one of my own.

If you need inspiration writing your own bucket list, I recommend watching The Buried Life. It’s one of my all time favorite TV shows and if they can’t inspire you.. No. They will inspire you. I promise.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for existing. You are wonderful. Goodnight.

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