Random Ramblings.

Note to self: when you feel a real big urge to do a Bob Harper workout DVD, prepare yourself to be hurting for the next week. I did his “Total Body Transformation” DVD two days ago and it legitimately hurts to lift my legs, let alone walk. Yesterday I was totally fine but then today it feels like somebody has a remote control that only has the “increase pain” switch. But other than that fact, Bob Harper DVDs are my favorite thing to do. They honestly make you feel so powerful (once you finish).

Besides my legs having converted to putty, nothing much else exciting has been happening in my life.. I did not watch the Grammys last night because a) I still have not figured out how to work the television, b) social media sites tell me what everybody is wearing, and c) people text me if Taylor wins or loses her categories.

I have come to the realization that I really like lip gloss. I stopped wearing it months ago because it would just seem to get sticky and dry weird and nobody else seems to wear it. But then I put some on the other day and my lip gloss love affair has begun again. It makes me lips look so shiny and put together. I apologize that this was possibly the most pointless paragraph you have ever read.

I have decided that all of my posts lately are super depressing. I had to put some of them on private because I don’t want people to end up concerned about me. I promise I’m fine. If I’m ever sad, all I have to do is think about March 13, make up stories about what is going to happen on March 13, or talk to my friend Jaclyn about the fact that we are going to be in Omaha on March 13th. And no, if you don’t already know what is happening on March 13th, I am not going to tell you.

I have also decided that I love travelling. I love being in a new place and meeting new people and making friends with people you would have never met back home but happen to be halfway across the world and are now best friends.

There are lots of things that are on my “travel to-do” list and I figured I would share some of those things with you. I will share the ones that involve California because if I shared my to-do list for life, we would be here until Christmas time. Anyways, the number one thing on my to-do list is to hike to the Hollywood sign. I think 2013 is the perfect time to check that off my list. If only getting to Los Angeles were easier than it sounds. And if my sister was reachable at all. I would also like to go to Nashville. And New York City. Well.. technically I’ve been to New York City but we were only there for a night so that doesn’t count. I have friends there who are all basically begging me to visit. That probably won’t happen this year but we shall see.

I have also come to the conclusion that A) I could never have a dog that barked all the time and B) I am a zombie if I don’t have food. When I was at the coffee shop today, there was this dog outside who would not stop barking. Even when his owner came out, he was just barking with joy. Annoying. Secondly, today I didn’t have lunch until about 3pm which caused two major problems. First of all, since I was so hungry, anything I ate didn’t fill me up. I ended up eating half of my food supply and then some. Second of all, I hate people when I get too hungry. One of my housemates was literally just in the kitchen and not even saying anything and I was just about to explode with anger. Yeah feed me before 1pm if we ever hang out.

Anyways, I have class now. Have a good night.

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