The Best Day Of My Life.. like ever.

Nikki, Oscar, Addison, Me, Tyler, and Megan:)

I am currently back home lying in my bed after the craziest 48 hours of my life. It all started on Monday night when my friend Katie messaged me about a contest. VEVO was looking for Taylor Swift’s Biggest Fans. I honestly had no idea what the contest was about other than the fact that I would get to meet Taylor if I won. Let’s just put this in perspective. I found out about this contest at about 5pm on the 20th, which was the last day to enter. I was so worried that they would never see my entry because it was the end of the work day already and I didn’t submit until later that night. The contest comprised of a serious of questions we had to answer and a video entry. As soon as I found out about the contest, I got my webcam open and started recording. So it was basically my raw emotions about the thought of meeting Taylor and that combined with me talking about how much she means to me. So I submitted my entry at about 10pm on the 20th. They were gonna notify the winners on the 21st and the event was on the 22nd in LA. So on the morning of the 21st, I’m freaking out all morning and finally I get an email that I am a finalist out of thousands of applicants. I pretty much lost it when I read that email. They said they would email us later in the day if we won. And I don’t know what it was, but I had a really good feeling that I was going to win. And I did. 2 hours later, I was on my way to the airport to fly to LA.

I probably got 4 hours of sleep that night because my nerves were just out of control. I woke up at 6am because I couldn’t sleep and had to be constantly texting my friends to keep myself together. Shoutout to Jaclyn and Nicole, love you guys. I honestly didn’t know if I wanted to cry or puke or both. Finally it was time to go and I made my way over to the top secret location. That was the one thing they told us, that we couldn’t tell ANYBODY where it was taking place or else the shoot would be canceled. So I arrive and everybody else is already there. There were 6 of us in total, three girls and three guys. We all meshed so well and you could tell that everybody who was there that day deserved to be there. For the next two hours, we basically just talked about Taylor. We kept seeing people go by and we saw her wardrobe pass by and we all freaked out and then Megan saw Taylor’s laundry bag pass by and knew exactly which dress it was LOL. I went to the bathroom (exactly what you wanted to know, right?) and I saw Taylor’s bodyguard and he saw my shirt and asked me why there wasn’t a picture of him on it haha. After a while the producer came in with scripts for us. If you didn’t know, this contest was choosing people to be on a show with Taylor that is hosted by VEVO. I can’t say much more than that unfortunately.

Finally we walk in over to the set (I’m getting knots in my stomach just writing this..) and we get placed and moved around and we are basically just waiting. They wanted to shoot our reactions to meeting Taylor so she was going to walk in any second and we were all.. I don’t even know how to describe the emotions we were experiencing. Before then, we were all super excited but it hadn’t entirely sunk in yet. “It’s about to get really real really fast.” Finally the producer tells us “She’s coming.” All of a sudden we see Taylor and she’s walking towards us and we are LOSING IT oh my god. She comes up and gives us all hugs and keeps saying how cute we are. AND SHE KNEW WHO WE WERE. I’m pretty sure she was in love with all of us as soon as she walked up. She starts talking about how she loved our videos and she says little things about each of them and at that point we are all on Cloud 14876334183294. We had no idea that Taylor watched our videos. We knew that her management were the ones who made the final decisions but the thought that Taylor was the one who helped decide was completely new information to us. Ahhhhh. After that we just chatted for a while about her new single. We were told that we could ask her any questions we wanted. I’m not quite sure how it started, but all of a sudden Oscar is singing “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” and he just keeps on going and it was hilarious and Taylor was dancing along with him. She also told us the details about her music video and oh my god I am so excited to see it. We were talking for a pretty long time when then the producer, who did I mention looks exactly like Alexander Levi? He says that it’s the other way around and then people tell him that Alexander Levi looks like him. Anyways so then he tells us “sorry to interrupt, but we have business to do too.” And Taylor’s all like “you just ruin everything, don’t you.” hahaha. And then we have to film the scripted stuff and we were still chatting with Taylor between takes and she’s honestly hilarious oh my god.

And then Taylor does her part where she thanks her fans for watching her videos and everything. And then she does a part for the contest thanking everybody who made videos. Then she thanks us and says how much it means to her that we were there. And then she INVITES US ALL TO THE OPENING NIGHT OF THE RED TOUR. And we all literally just lose it and collapse in tears and faowiejfofjgjafds. I am so excited to see this part on video because it was absolutely crazy and then we are all hugging Taylor and then we have a group hug and we are all shaking and besides ourselves. It honestly makes me cry just thinking about it. She tells us that she’s flying us all out. She said that she doesn’t know when it’s gonna be or where it’s gonna be. “The first decision we made is that you are all coming.” Like what. I literally cannot explain how excited I am. She says that it’s gonna be a busy night but that she’ll have time to say hello to us.

After that, we go over to the other set and are just chatting for a while and we bring up SNL and we ask her to do her bunny Shakira impression. And she does. And it is glorious hahaha. Then she did her promo shots and then we got to take pictures with her. We weren’t allowed to bring our own cameras or phones with us. They actually confiscated them hahah. And then Taylor signed things for us and I kid you not, she did not have to ask any of us for our names, she already knew them all. I cannot explain how much that means to me. And then she had to go (she actually did, we asked her what her plans were for after lol.) So she gave us all goodbye hugs and we were all saying thank you and I love you a million times. BUT, then they were like, “we aren’t done with you guys yet!” They ushered us over to Taylor’s mom who gave us all hugs and gift bags. Andrea was so sweet, she said that she watched all of our videos with Taylor :’) The gift bags had Taylor’s greeting cards, a tshirt from her new single, a bag from her new single, Covergirl makeup, and  a whole bottle of Wonderstruck. WHAT. SO NICE.

Then we were ushered off set and we are all in a wreck and we thought were done and we were getting ready to go when we are told that we still have more filming to do. Hahah. We all went outside because we wanted to take a group picture and it turns out that Taylor was out there too just leaving so we were her own special goodbye crew and we waved bye as she left:)) After that we all go to catering to get food and drinks. And then we all go back to the room and we are all still shaking and trying to process what had just happened. It’s kind of hilarious though because we all flocked to the social networking sites so we just sat there in silence on our phones (all iPhones lol). And I barely touched my food because HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO EAT AT A TIME LIKE THIS?? And so then we are called back on set. Like really though. This was the coolest experience of my entire life. The whole set and getting to be there with Taylor and just everything. So we actually go back to the same spot that we were talking with Taylor in which brought back all of the emotions from earlier. Ahh. And then we are given lines to say. It’s actually strange though because there were only 4 speaking roles so Tyler and Nikki were just “standing there looking pretty.” We were initially told that only 3 people were going to be chosen as winners and then 2 extras in case of problems with the initial 3. But it turns out that there were 6 of us and they used all of us. I’m guessing it’s because Taylor’s management wanted all of us there but I’m not sure.

This was absolutely the best day of my entire life. I am so thankful to Vevo and to Taylor and her team for allowing me to be there. I never in a million years thought that this would happen to me. This is what happens to other people and other fans who are more well known, but I never thought it would get to the point where Taylor knows who I am. I am so so so grateful and this experience means everything to me. And literally I love Taylor so much more now that I got to actually hang out with her and get to know her. She’s the most beautiful, classy, sarcastic, hilarious person I’ve ever met and I’m so happy that I got to have this day with her.

Keep your eyes open for a video coming out in a month or so!


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