Welcome to London

As of today, I have been in London for a week. I arrived here last Thursday at approximately 11am. Usually at this point in a trip, I would be boarding a plane to go back home and return to my comfortable bed and off-white dog. I’ve never stayed in any one place for longer than a week or two. This time, I’ll be staying for ten whole weeks, which I can already tell is going to feel like no time at all. After a chaotic time at the Heathrow Airport, which consisted of waiting at the wrong terminal for our taxi and having to take a train and run the wrong direction up slopes while lugging along our bags, we finally arrived at our flat. And I’m not gonna lie, when I first saw it and saw the area around it, I was slightly worried. At first glance, it seems to be in a run down area with not much to do. Later that day, we went on a walking tour of the area with Yvonne, the CAPA staff member (CAPA is the organization who got us our internships and is where we take our classes while we are here) who was at our flat to greet us when we arrived. That night was spent unpacking, buying groceries, and getting our internet set up. The following day, we had our orientation where they engrained into our heads that fact that a) pick-pocketers are smart and will pickpocket you at some point if you’re not careful, b) in order to fit in, just look like you are in a rush at all times. Since orientation, I have been all over the city exploring and trying to fit in as best as I can. We had a CAPA-organized trip to Primrose Hill and the Camden marketplace. Primrose hill is absolutely beautiful and the Camden marketplace is really really cool. It’s a huge outdoor marketplace with tons of vintage shops and international food vendors. The only thing is that it is extremely crowded.

I have officially started my internship as well, which is super exciting. I am interning at a talent agency for a wide range of actors and actresses in London and other parts of the area. It is a very small office, which I was worried about at first, but now I am thankful for it because I will get to know my coworkers that much better. To give you a feel for how big it is, there are 3 other people in the office other than me. Fiona, Eddie, and Owen are all extremely nice and use the words ‘brilliant,’ ‘excellent,’ and ‘amazing’ in every other sentence, which is definitely brilliant, excellent and amazing. It is located in Covent Garden, which is a super cute shopping area with countless shops, cafes, and quite a few street performers. Upon walking into the office this morning, there were some of the clients there having a meeting with Fiona. They gave me the best chocolate I have ever tasted from supposedly a really popular chocolate store here in London. I have my own desk and I have to bring my laptop with me, which is fine because the British keyboard is weird and I prefer my Mac. My bosses are all super nice and sing show tunes while they work and do weird accents while talking to their clients on the phone haha.

There are a few things that have definitely stood out to me about London. First of all, everybody uses public transportation. The tube is my new best friend. There is a bus station right by our apartment which is also convenient if you are in a hurry. Also, when they said that there were pubs everywhere, I thought they were kidding, but they are basically on every street corner. The weather is not even close to as bad as what everybody told me it would be. It’s been sunny for the majority of my time here so far and it hasn’t really rained at all, even when it is on the weather report. It’s basically California weather which is good because it has been really easy to adjust. Finally, everybody in London is beautiful and can pull off fashion trends that I would never even attempt. So all together, I love the city life and I love London and I have made so many new friends and I’m really really happy here. I’m so glad I came and I can’t wait to see what will happen in the next 9 weeks.



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  1. yourfavsister

    Ah London sounds amazing! Haha “In order to fit in, just look like you’re in a rush at all times.” Sounds like LA! Definitely take the time to enjoy it because those 10 weeks are going to fly by! You should do a photo essay on your blog eventually. I really want to see pictures (with captions) and live vicariously through your adventures while I stay in LA and study physics (blah). I MISS YOU. HAVE FUN.

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