This post is a response to something somebody said to me today. I was making my bucket list and this person was reading it and telling me to take things off my list because they were dumb and  unattainable. I’d just like to stand up and say that no matter how big or how crazy your dreams are, they can come true. Hard work and a good spirit can go far. You shouldn’t live your life too comfortable with how it’s going. If you have a job that you hate in a cubicle that gives you headaches, you shouldn’t live life with the mindset that you are going to be there forever and that you are meant to live your life that way. They are called dreams for a reason. They are called dreams because they are things that will make you extremely happy. They are called dreams because to you they represent achievement and success. Real dreams can come true. Real dreams are worth the effort you put into making them a reality. If you don’t have dreams, you have nothing to strive for. So I encourage all of you to think about what would make you insanely happy. Think about what would make you smile until your mouth hurts. Think about those things when you’re sitting at a desk in a lecture hall listening to those incredibly boring lectures. Think about them because the future should be a bright place. The future can be bursting with brightness if you live your life with the mindset that it will be.

When I told people that I was going to meet Taylor Swift, the majority of people laughed at me. Sounds pretty out there, doesn’t it? Taylor is a megastar with millions of fans. And you know what? I met her. And that was my biggest dream that came true. So I’m coming to you with a pure heart and telling you that dreams do come true. But they don’t just come true by sitting there. They come true with lots of hard work and lots of obstacles in the way. But trust me when I say they are there for a reason. And don’t let anybody tell you that your dreams are dumb. It’s your life. So live your dreams. And have a heart for other people’s dreams as well.

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