Travel Essentials


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The holidays means traveling. And traveling means packing…… I hate packing. You have to pack enough alternate clothing/shoes options for any activities that may occur, and I always end up over-packing and stuffing half of my wardrobe into a bag way too small for that, UGH. Today we’re talking about how to be an efficient packer, because I’m obviously so knowledgable in that area.

Organization is the main key for having a successful packing experience. You want a bag big enough for your essentials, but not SO big that you can stuff your winter coat and your favorite cousin into it. Even though truthfully I would love to stuff my favorite cousin into my carry-on bag…. I suggest this “STOP IT THAT’S SO CUTE I NEED IT IN MY LIFE” duffel and this one, which is adorable as well.

You need to compartmentalize as well. DO NOT JUST STUFF EVERYTHING IN AND EXPECT TO BE ABLE TO NAVIGATE IT. I repeat, DO NOT. Have a separate bag for your toiletries/makeup (this one is adorable! #sparklelife), and purchase something so that you can easily find your keys (this puff ball will help, trust me)!

Side note: I’ve been wanting to purchase this passport holder since the moment Bando released it, but alas do not have any plans to leave the country any time soon so I cannot get myself to do it. It’s just so cute though…… *insert sobbing emojis here.*

Other things you may need? A travel mug? A planner? A tinted moisturizerDONUT SOCKS?!?! The possibilities are endless, truly..


The other day I was in a SoulCycle class and the instructor was talking about how the month of November seems to be the month of gratitude. He was talking about how this is the only time of year that we truly stop and think about what we are grateful for, but that stopping to think about what you are grateful for should be a daily occurrence.

We’re all telling our own story. Maybe your story includes heartbreak and sadness, but it also includes a body that hasn’t given up on you yet and the chance to wake up every morning and shape your future into what you want it to be. The holidays are hard for a lot of people, and it forces us to face a lot of different feelings that we bury away throughout the year. Lost loved ones, severed relationships, forced relationships, travel stress, or even a surplus of food if you are trying to lose weight. But I think it’s important to remember that those hardships do not define you or your life. You are so much bigger and better than any external roadblocks. You are made of the stars and the sky and the whole universe wrapped up into a tiny package. You are important, and the opinion of those who don’t know you have no weight in the value that you bring to this life.

I think it all circles back to being present in your life. Be aware of your surroundings, of the people in it, of the things you are fortunate enough to do every single day. Even if you’re not at the point in your life where you want to be or where you thought you would be by now, be grateful for your story. Be grateful for your story because it’s never been told before, and you have the chance to make it into something extraordinary.

Those Christmas Vibes

Time off is not good for me. I almost bought a Christmas sweater with a picture of a sheep on it at Target this morning. A SHEEP. Granted, it did say ‘Fleece Navidad’ and it was nothing short of absolutely-freaking-adorable, but still. Christmas is just around the corner and now that I’m out of LA (back home in NorCal now!), I can actually see the Christmas spirit because I’m not just cooped up in my apartment all the time in fear of the traffic and the mobs of people.

I just realized that Thanksgiving has not even arrived yet and I am already talking about Christmas. Whoops. Anyways….

I can actually see the seasons a little bit in NorCal. Revolutionary, right? Fog and chilly mornings and colorful leaves on the trees and the large selection of holiday mugs at Starbucks make me feel very festive. All I want to do is purchase red sweaters with sheep on them and wear boots and bake sugar cookies and watch Elf. Any takers? Anybody want to partake in those activities with me?

(Side Note: The Starbucks holiday mug selection this year is nooottttt that great, ugh.)

Okay cool, glad I got that off my chest. Just wanted to pop in with that quick lil’ update. You may now return to your regularly scheduled lives :)

6 Months Later

I MOVED TO LA SIX MONTHS AGO. I don’t know how that happened. SIX MONTHS AGO?!?!? Six months is a long time. It’s a looooooong time. Like, crazy long. In honor of my six months in LA, I am going to tell you 60 things that I have done in the past six months. This should be easy, right? Right…..

  1. Lit a candle that smells like pumpkin caramel lattes. Okay fine that happened approximately 20 minutes ago…. It is a Pumpkin Caramel Latte candle from Bath & Body Works and it is GLORIOUS. Give me all of the candles that smell like Christmas, please.
  2. Drank approximately 50 million cups of earl grey tea. That’s just an estimate, so give or take one or two cups.
  3. Tried a face mask for the first time. Okay, not my fault. Somebody left me alone with a 20% off coupon to Sephora and IT HAPPENED AND I AM OBSESSED. Full blog post coming soon, obv.
  4. I stopped blogging. *insert sobbing emoji here.*
  5. BUT DON’T WORRY I’M BACK (!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  6. I discovered my new favorite emoji, which is the eye-rolling emoji.
  7. I got paid to write for a living. Well, kinda. I write some things some of the time. Eh, okay fine I don’t get paid to write for a living. But we’re making our way there. Baby steps. Very baby steps.
  8. I started dating somebody really, really great.
  9. I worked on a reality show. Like, what?!? What? That happened? (Yes, that happened.)
  10. I realized how much I love candles that smell like Christmas. (Yes, this also happened approximately 20 minutes ago. Obviously being super productive tonight.)
  11. I MADE FRIENDS. I love friends. Friends are good.
  12. I didn’t die moving to Los Angeles. I survived. In one piece. It’s impressive, really.
  13. Spend a day in Big Bear (the ski resort town) doing absolutely nothing. Like, literally nothing. Also impressive.
  14. Got offered a full-time job in the social media bizzznisss.
  15. Accepted said full-time job. Fine, technically it doesn’t start until next month but whatever we’re celebrating early.
  16. Watched six seasons of Friends on Netflix. It seriously irks me that I have not gotten through all eleven seasons yet. NO TIME, I TELL YOU! NO TIME!
  17. By the way, I am Rachel.
  18. Yes, I did just waste a number telling you which Friends character I am. Okay fine now I am wasting two numbers. Let’s just forget about it and move on.
  19. By the way, my sister is Monica.
  20. FOUR NUMBERS WASTED!! Moving on…
  21. Speaking of Netflix though, I also watched all 4 seasons of Scandal over again with my boyfriend because he caught the Olivia Pope bug and you can’t un-catch that bug. It is just as great of a show the second time around in case you were wondering.
  22. By the way, I am #TeamJake. (Scandal reference, sorryyyy.)
  23. I was in a commercial. (!!!?!!!??!?!!!!)
  24. I was filmed for a commercial without knowing that I was being filmed for a commercial.
  25. I was given a gift bag of wonderful things after being filmed for a commercial that I still did not know was a commercial at the time when the gift bag was given to me.
  26. Wow, 60 is a big number.
  27. Why did I pick 60?
  28. I re-discovered my love for One Direction. Okay fine I only like HALF of their album this time around but those six songs that I like are m-a-g-i-c-a-l.
  30. If you have not listened to “Hello” by Adele, you are not living your life properly. Go fall in love with it. Go. Now!
  31. I got an apartment with one of my closest friends.
  32. I decorated my room – BIG FEAT, PEOPLE. BIG. FEAT. Yes, there is a poster on the wall that says “We Are All Made Of Stardust.” Obviously.
  33. I forgot how to blog. Yeah, that was one of the sadder parts of my life getting so busy so fast…
  34. I GOT A CAT.
  35. OKAY FINE… My roommate got a cat…. But whatever he’s basically my cat too it’s fine.
  36. I started following way too many French Bulldogs on Instagram. I mean….. WAY too many.
  37. Also I think I follow too many hedgehogs, whom I now refer to on a first-name basis. “Vanilla is so cute. in this picture.” “Vanilla?” “Yeah, the hedgehog. Obv.” (Side note: she is cute. Follow her here.)
  38. I took many trips to the coastal town of Santa Barbara, where the food is organic and the beaches are plentiful.
  39. I ate way too many cups of peanut butter M&Ms at work. If you have never delved into the world of peanut butter M&Ms, consider yourself lucky. There is no getting out of the world of peanut butter M&Ms.
  40. No. Getting. Out.
  41. I watched my cousin get married!
  42. I got to be in the wedding! *insert all of the sobbing emojis*
  43. I worked on a movie and it was #1 in the world for like a month straight, which was pretty surreal if we’re being honest.
  44. I found my own form of happiness.
  45. I changed.
  46. I became more aware of who I am, and asked myself all these strange questions about life that maybe I’ll talk about sometime soon.
  47. I went to SoulCycle.
  48. I found a SoulCycle instructor I loved and then moved to the other side of Los Angeles and could no longer take his classes.
  49. Yes, I’m still grieving.
  50. I could not attend the Taylor Swift theme ride at SoulCycle because I had to work.
  51. Yes, I’m still grieving.
  52. I met SO many new people.
  53. I drank SO many lattes from the latte machine at work.
  54. I almost passed out after getting my flu shot because all I had consumed that day was lattes and coconut chips. Whoops.
  55. I did almost no touristy things.
  56. I went on lots and lots of hikes.
  57. I saw a famous person at a Mexican restaurant.
  58. Just felt like I had to include that… #LA
  59. Taylor Swift went to lunch at a restaurant down the street from my apartment and I cried for fourteen days.
  60. (I did not actually cry for fourteen days. Only four.)

WOW I MADE IT TO SIXTY THINGS. If you made it this far, I will offer you some of the cookies I am going to bake when I go home next week. You may have one. Well…. you may have one if they are good. If they are not good, I will eat them all by myself in my own self misery of failed baking experiments.


All I see in the news these days is articles titled ‘How To Enter *insert celebrity name here*’s Squad: A Guide” And let’s be real, I would love to join Taylor Swift’s squad and bake cookies all the time and spend Friday nights eating Chinese takeout on the floor with her cats while watching Law & Order, but that’s really just not feasible because I am neither a supermodel nor an up-and-coming pop artist. I know, I know.. the struggle of my life is truly tragic, but we must move on past it.. So in the spirit of squads.. here’s the 15 things it takes to be in my squad.

  1. Must be willing to share their sweater collection with me during these Fall months in Los Angeles.
  2. Must have an excellent sweater collection in the size Medium.
  3. Must be willing to listen to detailed descriptions of my emotions about each of the songs off of Taylor Swift’s latest album (and her entire discography, tbh.)
  4. Must nod and smile the entire time, while asking intellectual follow-up questions about the origins of each song and what phase in her life she was in when she wrote it.
  5. Must be okay with the fact that I would prefer to go out to breakfast instead of going out to dinner.
  6. Must be okay with the fact that consider a 9am breakfast outing to be late in the day.
  7. Must understand that social media is literally my job and it is literally a part of me to live-tweet any catastrophes that occur over the course of our friendship.
  8. Must acknowledge Mindy Kaling is the all-powerful ruler of sass and sarcasm and life in general.
  9. Must love cats or dogs. I would say cats and dogs, but I have realized that finding people who love both is pretty much impossible. Just love one or the other. If you hate both, then I truly don’t know if I can even associate with you.
  10. Must understand that I am an aspirational cook, not an actual cook.
  11. Must understand that buying matching onesies at Target during the holiday season is NOT EVEN THAT WEIRD.
  12. Must like onesies.
  13. Must appreciate the art of sitting at a coffee shop for hours on end (with laptops because I need to blog, duh.)
  14. Must act natural and un-affected if I decide to take a picture of my almond milk latte for Instagram.
  15. Must understand that I love you unconditionally and that I think that true friendships are the closest thing we have to real magic these days.

That’s it. That’s all it takes. Pretty simple, right?

My Goals For November

SO MANY GOALS, SO LITTLE TIME. I am writing this partially because it feels like the kind of post that bloggers do and partially because I feel like writing these down will make me more apt to actually do them. I do understand that it is not actually November yet, but that’s besides the point.

  1. Exercise – Truthfully, I just need to move more. You know when you can feel your body screaming at you, “Sally, go for a run!”? That is what my body is screaming at me. Hopefully your body does not scream “Sally, go for a run!” at you, but you get the point. Working from home is GREAT, but it kind of isolates you in your apartment or home, and if you don’t make the effort to get out, you won’t, which is an issue I’m dealing with lately.
  2. Go to SoulCycle once (or twice) a week – SoulCycle is one of the best things I’ve ever discovered. Not only because it’s such a great workout, but because has the most amazing sense of security and community. It is a space free from judgement that allows you to be the best version of yourself that you can be. Every class is different because every instructor has their own style and form, and each set of riders brings their own energy to it. I took a class yesterday, and I’m considering taking a class tonight……. (Maaaaaybe.)
  3. Take more pictures – Truthfully, this blog is super important to me, and I take pride in each post and each piece of content created. And I hate not having my own pictures A) Because it feels super less personal & I love diary-format blog posts, and B) I really don’t like having to use stock photos. I would love to get back into photography and taking more pictures for this blog.
  4. Take one weekend trip: Sometimes you just need to get out, ya know? Day trips are great and wonderful, but I would love to just get away for an entire weekend. Potential options: Big Bear, Sequoia National Park, even Laguna Beach maybe?
  5. Stuff my face with sweet potato casserole and turkey and cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie and probably berry pie as well: THANKSGIVING. THAT IS ALL. GIVE ME ALL OF THE FOOD.

Do you have any goals for November? Lemme know! Happy Tuesday.

Tips For Working From Home

Working from home is one of those weird things that everybody romanticizes as the most wonderful state of being where you can just stay in your pajamas all day and never leave your bed. And I mean, you can do that.. but I’m pretty sure you would never get anything done and would end up getting fired. So, I’m here to help you not get fired.

  1. MEAL PREP. Working from home is great for SO many reasons, but it also puts a lot of pressure on you to be very self-driven and independent. You (technically) don’t have a boss breathing down your back or co-workers to walk to lunch with. And during those busy weeks, you don’t want to open your fridge and see that all you have is lettuce, and not even the good lettuce, but the iceberg kind that you use to make sandwiches except that you don’t have any bread left. You don’t want to be stuck with that, take it from me…. Grocery shop on the weekends, and meal prep or at least plan out what you’re going to eat before your day starts so that you don’t have to enter crisis mode and have to work without food in your system.
  2. Have a furnished space where you work. Have a space where all you do is work. Gear it towards your interests and what visually stimulates you to do your best work, and only work there. That way your body will be trained to be productive when you are sitting in that exact space and you’ll be quickly able to flip a switch and dive right into your work without hesitation. Obviously my space has wall art that says ‘WE ARE ALL MADE OF STARLIGHT” (we are, obviously.), and “BLOGGERS GONNA BLOG” (I can and I will.)
  3. HYDRATE. If you don’t stay hydrated, it will end up being 5PM and you’ll be staring at your screen looking at words and they will all start blending into each other and your brain power will be pretty much non-existent and your stress levels will skyrocket to levels unbenownst to you, and when your boss asks you a very simple request but it feels like she’s trying to get you to solve the problems of the universe. Drink water. Eat snacks. And drink more water.
  4. Set a morning routine. I am truly much more productive when I can follow a very specific routine. At 7:30-7:45 I roll out of bed, and by 8AM I am ready to start making breakfast, which is consistently a piece of toast and an egg and earl grey tea with a splash of milk, and at 8:30 I’m getting dressed and getting ready to sit down at my desk by 8:45. If I don’t follow this schedule, my internal clock is set off and I get overwhelmed and out of sync. It’s just better to stick to a very specific routine so that your body is trained to be productive at certain times under certain circumstances.
  5. Exercise. I do not exercise. I need to, but I do not. My boyfriend and I actually just joined the lap pool nearby and we’re going to start swimming at night for exercise, which I am SO excited about. You can’t just sit for eight to ten hours in a row without getting in some physical activity. It will kill you. You gotta exercise.
  6. LEAVE YOUR APARTMENT. Seriously, just leave. Walk to the grocery store. Walk around the block. Get a dog and take him (or her) for a walk (#lifegoals). I’ll find that I’ll have days in a row when I literally won’t see sunshine or fresh air and I won’t realize how suffocating it is to stay in the same space for such an extended period of time. You gotta get out.
  7. Take it to the next step and work from outside of your apartment. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have a home base where you can always be productive, but it’s nice to get out once in a while, and it can spark creativity beyond that of what you can find in your house or apartment. For example, I am currently working from a coffee shop in Santa Barbara :)

Working from home is the best thing in the world, except when it’s not. But it usually is. Follow those steps and you’ll be able to keep your own sense of sanity amidst the crazy. Happy Monday!

The Little Things


Today I’m going to talk about 5 things that have made me happy this week, because starting off your week thinking about things that you are grateful in your life is a beautiful way to live your life. Also because one of my favorite bloggers, Carly Cristman, came up with this and I saw it yesterday and was like, “OMG. THIS IS BRILLIANT.” Those were my exact thoughts. And now here we are. I’m drinking tea out of my cat mug and my roommate’s cat is getting mad at me because I’m sitting on the bar stools that are too high for him to get to and he wants attention. #DivaAlert. Anyways, let’s get started.

One) I DON’T HAVE TO WORK TODAY. YOU GUYS. THIS IS A BIG DEAL. Okay so yes, technically it’s Columbus Day, and maybe some lucky individuals get the day off, but I get the day off today because the past month of work has been brutal. If you don’t know, I do social media in the entertainment business. And our movie launched last weekend, so those weeks leading up to release day literally drained everything out of me and more. And my work is composed of wonderful people who understand that burnout is a real thing. So, today, I have no responsibilities at all. And so of course I’m spending all day blogging (duh) and catching up on life.

Usually Mondays are all like:


But today, Monday is all like:

tumblr_nklyg8STXM1tzi9kxo9_250Two) Santa Barbara. LA is stressful and crowded and hot, and I truthfully don’t know how I survive here. My boyfriend is from Santa Barbara, so we occasionally go there for the weekend, and this past weekend was one of those weekends! It’s nice to get out of the hustle and the bustle every once in a while and just relax. And while neither of us have the time to go on an actual vacation right now, Santa Barbara is a good middle ground. The best beaches. The best coffee shops. The best food. And best of all, no alarm clocks.

Three) I was hired full-time! Up until this point, I was worked as a contractor with the promise of a potential full-time hire. AND IT HAPPENED. Which is monumental, and also terrifying if we’re being honest. As you can tell from the whole “they’re giving me a day off from over-working me,” this kind of job can take a lot out of you. But at the same time, whenever I take a step back and look at the kind of things I get to do on a daily basis, I can’t help but be grateful that this is actually my life. I remember how many teachers, counselors, friends and peers used to tell me that dream jobs don’t exist.. This is my dream job. It exists.

Four) Augustus. Augustus is my roommate’s cat. You know, the one that currently meowing in agony over my lack of playing with him. Gussie for short, and Augustus Waters for long. As somebody who grew up in a house with animals running around everywhere ever since I was little, I crave the presence of a cat or a dog in my life. Hopefully I’ll get one of my own at some point in the next few years, but until then it’s nice to have Augustus to keep me company while I work.

Five) MAGAZINES. Okay, not gonna lie, I get all of my magazines because the person who used to live in my apartment never changed her address and she has a lot of magazine subscriptions and AM I SUPPOSED TO JUST LET THEM GO TO WASTE?!? No. The answer is no. I love magazines because they are mindless entertainment that is not on a screen, and secondly because they are major blog inspiration. Product features, advice columns, layout inspiration, and so much more.

Those are my five things. What are your things? Think about it :)

Those Fall Essentials Of Mine


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You know my life has been busy when the Mindy Kaling book Why Not Me? on my night stand is used as a tray for plates while I eat dinner in bed because I can’t be bothered by the energy required to sit at the dinner table. Typically, that Mindy Kaling book would be finished by 1:30AM on the night that I start it, but it has been sitting on my nightstand alone in misery ever since I ordered it off Amazon Prime ONE DAY SHIPPING. Yes, that’s right. It’s almost as if I went all the way to the bookstore and picked it up myself. But I didn’t. Amazon brought it to my front door.

Anyways, that’s not the point of this post. The point of this post is that seasonal essentials posts are my most favorite to make and it’s October now (HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!), so we’re obviously well overdue for a Fall Essentials post.

First of all, SWEATERS. This one by the blogger Sincerely Jules is sincerely perfect. Next up, we have the cutest decorative notepad for all of your list-ing needs, the bright nail polish of your dreams (I’m super into brights right now), a face mask from Charlotte Tilbury, and the most magical daily moisturizer from Philosophy (I’ve tested it, it’s like satin for your face, soooo…..).

Moving forward, I would just like to point out that I have this ‘I Did My Best’ travel mug, and it reminds me that even on your worst days, you’re not a failure just because you fail. As long as you try your best, what more can you do? Oh right, you can spill hot tea all over yourself while you’re driving because the sealing on this mug is NOT THE BEST. But the inspirational quote makes me love it nonetheless. I’m an inspirational quote kind of person if you can’t tell.

Ponchos. Ponchos are all I really want in my life right now. And the fact that it is not sweater weather in LA enough for me to wear a poncho makes me cry tears of pumpkin spice lattes and non-existent raindrops. I love LA, but the weather here is too perfect for me. If we’re getting real here (don’t we always?), I really just want a poncho because Matt Bellassai wore one in his weekly ‘Whine About It’ video series (THE BEST VIDEO SERIES EVER), and it just looked so enormously comfy that I need one in my life. This one from Free People is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l.

Ankle boots are the bane of my existence. I don’t really know what that phrase means but I’m pretty sure that ankle boots classify. These ones from Dolce Vita are adorable. And then to round things out, THIS HIGHLIGHTER TRIO from Hourglass is perhaps the most beautiful palette I’ve ever seen. #SparkleGoals

…you know I haven’t blogged in a while when a ‘Fall Essentials’ post is long enough to be turned into a classical novel for the ages. I am sorry. I’ll get the hang of this back soon I promise. Or maybe I’ll just start writing novels about my life on here. We’ll see. Happy Monday! GO CONQUER YOUR DAY NOW!



I’ve decided to start doing life update posts whenever I have life updates. It’s not specifically often, but there’s a few as of lately that I would like to inform you of.


He’s a 14-week-old Scottish Fold and the cutest thing in the whole world. His name is Augustus, or Gus Gus for short.

I just really felt the need to share this news and this picture with you because I know you were all wondering how I was surviving without a cat in my life. Let me tell you, it was a truly tragic time without constant meows and bells jingling from cat toys being knocked around the floor. But now all is well.