I’ve decided to start doing life update posts whenever I have life updates. It’s not specifically often, but there’s a few as of lately that I would like to inform you of.


He’s a 14-week-old Scottish Fold and the cutest thing in the whole world. His name is Augustus, or Gus Gus for short.

I just really felt the need to share this news and this picture with you because I know you were all wondering how I was surviving without a cat in my life. Let me tell you, it was a truly tragic time without constant meows and bells jingling from cat toys being knocked around the floor. But now all is well.




So I just moved into a new apartment (OKAY OKAY IT WAS TWO MONTHS AGO), and I’m alllll about home decor right now. I spend my free time browsing through design sites looking for wall prints for the gallery wall that I want to put above my desk and endlessly gazing over comfy throw blankets. And thus I figured if any of you were also home decor fiends right now, this may be of help to you!

Let’s just be honest.. I was too lazy to put numbers on the collage above so we’re just gonna work our way down from the top. FIRST OF ALL THESE MONOGRAM LETTERS. I saw them at Pier1 and fell madly and deeply in love. I wanted them for my shelving because I have a white/metallic theme going on, but ended up not getting them and finding different letters at HomeGoods so I didn’t get these but still wanted to share them because they’re the cutest, ya know? (wow run-on sentence there sorrryyy) Next up is this ‘Bloggers Gonna Blog’ wall print WHICH IS ON SALE FOR $5 RIGHT NOW. Yes, $5. CRAY. I have it… because #obviously. Moving forward, we’ve got this metallic jewelry holder from Urban Outfitters, AND THESE BEAUTIFUL COASTERS THAT I NEED IN MY LIFE.

Quirky doormats are all the rage these days, aren’t they? This one is adorable for all you Beyonce lovers, and I’m also laughing way too hard at this one. Moving on to wood-framed quotes, this one is the cutest ever, and this one basically just sums up my life philosophy in a single sentence. In the world of overly-expensive pillows, here’s a cute one! And finally, we’ve got this grapefruit candle and this woodfire candle.

AND THAT’S IT. My home decor browsing has led me this far, and now I’ll leave it up to you. Go decorate your lives, beautiful ones.


My Seattle Photo Diary

Just as a general disclaimer, I am calling this a ‘Seattle Photo Diary’ even though I spent little to no time in Seattle during my trip, whoops….. I flew into the Seattle airport and then immediately jetted off to suburbs outside of Seattle. 

The reason I was in Washington was because my cousin Anthony, aka one of my favorite humans of all time, got married! I was lucky enough to be a bridesmaid for his now-wife Christina, whom I adore. I flew in on a Friday for the bachelorette party, and spent the 4th of July at my aunt & uncle’s beach house.

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun on the 4th of July. Seriously, SO FUN. Fireworks are legal in Washington?!!?? And they are not legal in California?!?!?? So I set off my first firework?!?!? And it was amazing?!!?!?! Beyond that, my cousins and I went swimming in the Puget Sound. We swam out to the dock that you can see in the pictures above and jumped off it no less that fifteen million times, of course.

Then the wedding was on Tuesday and it was gorgeous. It was held at the most magically-beautiful venue, and the night was filled with lots of love and food and dancing. I am so beyond happy for Anthony and Christina, and I wish them only the very best for this new chapter in their life. It meant so much that I was able to be a part of it, and I just want them to be blanketed in love as they move forward in their new life together.

And then I got back to LA at 11pm on Wednesday and had to work at 7am the next morning because life is raaadical. Pretty sure I slept for 12 hours the night after that. Exhaustion, much? But so worth it…..

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 8.35.35 AM

I’m In A TV Commercial?

Woah. Hey guys. I know it’s been a bit since I’ve last popped on here and updated you on all the happenings of my life, and I apologize for that. But it’s approximately 8:38AM and I’m sitting here sipping on some Earl Grey tea and thinking about how much I love Earl Grey tea and also about how I haven’t told you guys about something that happened to me that I probably should have told you about as soon as the news broke and as soon as I got the email in my inbox last week….

No, the title of this blog post is not an exaggeration or just a marketing ploy to get you to click on this post. I’m in a commercial. That’s a thing that has happened. I was contacted about a month or so ago by Xfinity to participate in this “research opportunity” that they were doing as part of their role as lead sponsor of Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour. How did they find me? I really don’t know. Was it actually a research opportunity? Definitely not. They framed it as a focus group, but then Taylor appeared via video message to give us free tickets to her show at the Staples Center in August, and I lost all remnants of composure. Commence me jumping up and down for basically half an hour straight.

I don’t watch that much television because me and Season 4 of Friends on Netflix are currently in a committed relationship, but my friend was watching MTV the other day and said the commercial aired during Finding Carter. I was also on Access Hollywood, which aired during my brother’s graduation whilst my phone was at 10% battery so I actually had to put it on airplane mode because everybody was texting me, messaging me, and just in general freaking out that I didn’t tell them about it. To be fair, I had to sign a confidentiality agreement so I literally could not say anything until the footage was released. Which, by the way, they DID NOT tell us that they were using it to be aired on television. Or that they were going to film us at all. Or that they were giving us anything. They told us it was a focus group.

As a final note, I literally cannot watch the video and cannot be in the same room as anybody who is watching the video because it’s pretty much the most embarrassing thing of my life. The full video is basically two minutes of HD close-up shots of my face whilst I’m in the midst of a mental breakdown. IN SLOW MOTION. Like, why would they put it in slow motion? WHY!?!? So……… yep. I’m not going to link it because that would be like giving you a key to my most embarrassing moment and letting you open the door whenever you feel like it. So, there’s a video out there and you are free to search the interwebs for it but it would be against my moral standards to just broadcast it for the world to see.

But anyways, lemme know if you see me on your television! Because my life is way weird right now.


That New Nail Treatment I Love

I’ve been on this weird sleeping schedule where I wake up at 6am every day, which is really unfortunate because work doesn’t start until 10am and it takes approximately ten minutes to get there…… So I drove to work at 8am today, parked in the parking lot, and then walked to Starbucks where I am now sitting and typing this…… I would also like to note the the Starbucks cashier told me that I look “cozy” today, which really just emphasizes the power of a good leggings and sweater combo.

Anyways, today I would like to talk about my new FAVORITE nail treatment. Granted it’s the only nail treatment I’ve ever tried, but it works so well. I don’t know about you, but sometimes my nails start to break and peel and it’s beyond frustrating. And then I start questioning everything and wonder if I am not eating enough vegetables or something, and then I just usually wait it out until my nail get stronger. But this time I stumbled upon this product from Essie, and it changed the whole nail game.

Millionails is specifically formulated to help with peeling nails, which is fantastic. It only took two weeks for my nails to make a full recovery, and now they are stronger than ever and ready for whatever nail polish I choose to put on. Even now that they’re strong, I still use Millionails as a base coat because I feel like it’s always good to have that extra dose of iron and amino acids, ya know? Also, if you wear it on its own with two coats, it makes your nails shine brighter than the ocean water on a sunny day so it’s basically like you’re wearing nail polish but you’re getting double the treatment. Seriously, it’s just magical.

Millionails retails for $10 at Ulta, which is basically the same price as buying a regular nail polish. Have you tried it? Lemme know!


Beach Essentials

I’ve honestly been wanting to write this post since I got back from Hawaii in February, but I figured that the large majority of the population does not go to the beach in February, so I have patiently waited until now to compile this guide for you. Even now I think it’s a little early but we are just going to skim past that small fact.

First of all, we’ve got the BEST beach bag of all time, which also happens to be a cooler. It really just doesn’t get any better than a watermelon cooler. And then we’ve got the shoes that have been on my radar since Keds released them. And of course some sandals for those sandy days. They’re both perfect casual slip-ons that require no effort whatsoever. Moving forward, I want to highly recommend Benefit’s The Big Easy for any and all of your beach endeavors. It has an SPF of 35 and is a liquid-to-powder formulation so it mattifies your skin with one simple step. I’m the shade Light/Medium. A cheaper alternative is the Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream.

Next up is the cutest portable phone charger you’ve ever seen, some sunglasses, and the book that I saw sitting on a table in Hawaii that I really wanted to steal and read. As for beach attire, it’s all about the dresses that you can just throw on and head to the beach. I’ve selected this one and this one from Dailylook. As for swim suits, this one from Wildfox is pricy but it’s so adorable that I think it might actually be worth the splurge.

Are you headed off to the beach any time soon? Lemme know!


The Only Exercise Tip You’ll Ever Need

Author’s note: this was written like two or three weeks ago.

This morning I woke up more sore than I have been in months… So much, in fact, that when I laid down on the couch this morning, it took significant effort to get up because my legs were just like “Nope! Sorry! Not today!” For clarification, I was helping my brother ask somebody to prom, which obviously requires lots of physical exercise and exertion. I’ve created this simple 6-step plan for you to fast track your exercise regimen since I am so knowledgable now. Just consider me your own personal trainer. Your own personal trainer who has not gone for a run in eight months.

Step 1: Lace up dem’ sneaks! (Put on your running shoes)

Step 2: Make sure that it’s 7am because that’s the best time to do these kinds of things, obv.

Step 3: Do a trail run at your favorite hiking spot. (Honestly, it was more like a run/walk for me because my body revolted on me since I haven’t actually been running in what seems like decades, as mentioned.)

Step 4: Carry massive balloon letters with you so that you can get lots of questions from fellow hikers. The balloon weights will also make your journey that much more enjoyable.

Step 5: Make sure you have much less time than you need so that you’ll have to sprint to the top of the hill and then sprint back down.

Step 6: Good job, you! Wait one day and you will become one with the couch.


The Book I’m Currently Reading

Usually how this works is that I finish a book, and if I like it, I write a post about it. But the book I’m reading right now is taking me so long to finish that I really just need to post about it because it’s so good that I can’t bother to wait until I finish it to rave about it. You know?

All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr is a book that I didn’t like the first time I picked it up. It seemed, for lack of a better word, boring. Painstakingly boring. But then it was just sitting on my bookshelf, so I started it again on whim and I am completely captivated. I am currently on page 349 of 529. All of the chapters are somewhere between one and three pages long, so it’s a very fast-paced form of storytelling. It is mainly told from the viewpoint of two different characters, Marie-Laure and Werner.

Marie-Laure LeBlanc is a blind French girl who is living in Paris with her father. Every day she walks with him to the Museum of Natural History, where he works as a lock-master. When the Germans occupy Paris during the onset of World War II, everyone flees the city, including Marie-Laure and her father. Her father is entrusted by his boss to carry a highly-valued diamond with him for safe-keeping. He doesn’t know if it is the real diamond or one of the duplicates that were made, but he must protect it with his life. Together, Marie-Laure and her father travel to Saint-Malo, a small town on the coast of France, where her Great Uncle Etienne resides in a tall, narrow house by the sea.

Werner Pfennig is an orphaned German boy who has a fascination with radios. Unfortunately, he is destined to work in the mines when he turns 15, there has never been any other option for him. Nonetheless, he spends his nights listening to radio shows in the attic with his sister Jutta and taking apart and putting back together radios in order to learn the ins-and-outs of how they work. Eventually, people start coming to him with their broken radios so he can fix them, and when an affluent family across town learns of his talent, they commission him to fix their radio. After seeing him at work, they secure him a spot at an elite academy for Hitler Youth, where he meets a boy named Frederick and is given special attention due to his skill for fixing radio transmitters.

Eventually, Marie-Laure & Werner’s paths cross, but I wouldn’t know that because I’m 60% done and it hasn’t happened yet. But that’s what the inside cover says so I’m going to trust that it will happen. The fact that they haven’t even met yet and the book is still so overwhelmingly captivating is really a testament to how good the writing is. Doerr took over ten years to complete the book, and I recommend it whole-heartedly.

Have you read All The Light We Cannot See? Thoughts? Find out more about the book here.


Those New Makeup Brushes I Bought

I’ve been going through some sort of existential crisis with this blog lately, trying to figure out which direction I want my content to go in…. So that kind of explains the lack of posts as of lately. BUT WITH THAT BEING SAID, I just had to post this review/rave of these new brushes I got at Ulta the other day because they are amaze-balls. They are called The Core Collection, and the set retails at $18 for four full-size brushes.

First of all, the Buffing Brush (far right) is made of nothing less than unicorn hairs and Lucky Charms marshmallows. For those of you who are concerned, no unicorns were harmed in the making of these brushes. But nonetheless, it buffs liquid foundation into your skin better than any brush I’ve ever tried before. It basically makes you look airbrushed.

Next up, the Contour Brush (second from left) is something that I never expected to like, but now the light in the tunnel has been turned on and I don’t plan on turning it back off anytime soon. I don’t use it for contouring as the name suggests (I’m not talented enough to use such a precise brush for the task). I use it for blending in under-eye concealer and for applying highlighter. And it’s magical. I really wish they sold this brush individually instead of in a set so that I could have two of them…

As for the Pointed Foundation Brush (second from right) and the Detailer Brush (far left), I don’t know if I am going to really use them at all.. The foundation brush is a little bit small to be of use and I don’t do complex enough eye makeup to have any use for the detailer brush.

Have you tried any of these brushes? Thoughts? Lemme know!



May Essentials

It’s my favorite time of the month for blogging, the time when I get to compile a list of items that I think perfectly defines the month ahead… For May, I’ve gone ahead and decided that it’s all about pastel colors and items that make you want to go on vacation. I just want to wear sundresses all month long, honestly.

Let’s just jump right into it with this crossbody bag in the most gorgeous color that ever did exist, and the newly released (and overwhelmingly adorable) agendas from And don’t worry, the calendar starts in August 2015 so you wouldn’t be wasting any months. As for beauty products, this YSL Volupte Tint-In-Oil contains a blend of oils for maximum hydration and shine for your lips.

You can throw your boots back in your closest because it is SANDAL SEASON! The best season of all, dontcha think? These gold leather sandals from ASOS are dying to get some wear-time. And then we’ve got the most gorgeous floral maxi dress that would be perfect for any weddings you have coming up, and this gorgeous pastel blazer/shorts combo from ASOS that belongs in your closet. Two-piece sets are all the rage this season, I’m told… And who says you can only update your closet for Spring? This Sonix cactus phone case is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. For May reads, Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen is definitely one to check out. That dark blue carousel cover alone makes me want to pick it up..

Oh! And I almost forgot to mention this rose gold necklace from Kendra Scott….. SO PRETTY, EH? Happy May!


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