My Favorite Drugstore Foundations


Personally, I find drugstore foundations to be incredibly difficult to tackle. There are so many options and you can’t test them in the store so you really have no idea what you are buying. Because of that, I always read through reviews online of each product before I make a purchase. You gotta make sure you’re getting the right product even if it is significantly cheaper than a Sephora splurge. Ya feel me?

That being said, these are the three foundations that I have found that I will purchase again and again (because I love them so much). Hopefully it’ll help you out a bit if you’re looking to find a new base product from the drugstore!

Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless: Lemme tell you how much I love this foundation… SO MUCH. It’s definitely the one I reach for when I’m getting ready for a night out and want that airbrushed look. I apply it with a flat-top kabuki brush and it is surprisingly very moisturizing & non-drying given that it is a matte formula. I wear the color 120.

Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous: This is definitely the full-coverage foundation of the bunch.  It’s your one-step-to-flawless secret weapon. The shade I wear (120) is yellow-based, which means that it will cover up all of your redness (and it blends out beautifully). I will say though that the staying power is not the best, and it is a tiny bit drying so definitely make sure you moisturize well before applying.

Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream: This is definitely more of a tinted moisturizer than a foundation. I use my fingers to blend this onto my face, the same way I would apply a daily moisturizer. It’s got that same airbrushed finish except it’s definitely a sheer “your skin but better” coverage. Nonetheless, this the one I grab when I just want to spend two minutes on my look and head out the door. I don’t even know what number tube I’m on at this point, I just can’t live without it! I’m the color medium.

What’s your favorite drugstore foundation? Any holy grail products that I should try out?

Washington Photo Diary


The problem with traveling with two people is that you don’t have anybody to take group pictures for you, so you have to revert to selfies, as demonstrated above (and probably throughout this photo diary). Apologies in advance!

My boyfriend and I took a trip to the state of Washington this past weekend, for no other reason than we found cheap plane tickets and wanted to get out of LA. I have family in Washington so I’ve been there a fair few times, but it had been a while so I was excited to spend the weekend there.

First up we stopped in the beautiful town of Tacoma, which is about 20 minutes South of Seattle. It was probably one of my favorite towns out of our entire trip. I loved how it felt very much like back home where I live in NorCal. It was right on the water and had the cutest downtown area.




We stopped for food at Montamara Kitchen because our flight had left at 7am that morning and neither of us had eaten in our half-asleep trek to the airport. It was basically lunch-time already, so I got a fig butter & turkey sandwich (SO GOOD) and my boyfriend got a salad. But if I am every back in Tacoma during the breakfast hours, you better bet that I will be getting their nutella belgian waffle with a side of strawberries. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.



Looking back through photos, I am also realizing that we also split a piece of pie. It was OREGON HUCKLEBERRY PIE, how could we not?!!?

Next up we stopped in Port Townsend for a quick second (cute coastal town, but not much happening at all really…) before our final destination of Port Angeles.




Not much happening in Port Angeles either, but it was a beautiful town (and apparently is where you take the ferry to Victoria from, but of course we had no idea about that until the day we left).


The following day we headed out to the Hoh Rainforest in Olympic National Park. I took my camera with us this day, in hopes of capturing some beautiful pictures of the rainforest, but of course it was raining the entire time so taking pictures was half taking the picture and half trying to make sure my camera didn’t get wet. And the blogger side of me came out in full force (“STAND RIGHT THERE WHILE I GET THIS SHOT!” “wait lemme just get this from a few different angles”).



^so much green!!

The drive over was beautiful, and we stopped in the town of Forks for coffee (the town that Twilight is based upon! Jacob Black, where are youuuu!?)


As soon as we made it into the national park itself, the scenery became all sorts of beautiful. It was a really dreary day but the water just looked too beautiful not to stop on the side of the road a few times before we got there. Washington, send some of your water to California soon, please?



On our final day, we got breakfast at The Original Pancake House near Seattle with some of my family that lives up there before heading into downtown to go to Pikes Place Market. And of course it was so crowded and overwhelming that we just ended up sitting at a tea and crumpets place for two hours. (Duh.)



Last but not least, we got dinner at Stoneburner in Ballard with some of my boyfriend’s friends that live up there, where I had the best brussel sprouts of my LIFE. Seriously, SO GOOD.

And then we headed home bright (well, dark) and early the next morning! It was a super fun trip, but I’m happy to be back with my bed in Los Angeles.

Seriously, Washington, you have my heart. You’re the perfect combination of mountains and water, and I think if I ever moved outside of California, Washington could be a definite possibility.

Bite-Sized Fitness


Something I’ve been experimenting with this year is how to exercise without spending exorbanant amounts of money on fancy exercise classes. Don’t get me wrong, I could write a fully-developed research paper on why SoulCycle is worth the money for a 45 minute class, but I’m at a point in my life where I just don’t want to be spending money on that sort of thing. I’ve found so many different free classes online that are the perfect bite-sized workouts for me as I begin to get my body moving again, and today I’m sharing them with you.

Best Ass Ever Challenge – I’m calling this ‘The Best Ass Ever’ challenge because that’s literally what it’s called. Cosmo is leading a 30-day #CosmoButtChallenge.  Every week Cosmo posts a new 6-minute video, and you are supposed to complete it at least 5 days a week. And trust me, it’s six minutes of pure sweat. The day after I completed day 1 of this, it literally hurt to sit down because my thighs were in full-on pain. Also, as someone who works in social media, Cosmo is one of the companies I really look to for digital inspiration because their social presence is SO spot on. I mean just look at this calendar?!


Yoga Camp – If you’re new to yoga, this is 100% the thing for you. It’s a 30-day class held on YouTube, with a new video posted every day. It’s so introductory that the newbiest of the newbies could complete every class (at least so far). It’s kind of like half meditation, half yoga. Adriene is the most positive and encouraging teacher, and she really explains each move and helps you keep your form in shape.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 8.05.35 AM

Fightmaster Yoga – Lesley from Fightmaster Yoga also does great online yoga videos, and her voice honestly leaves you in a daze after you finish each of her classes. She has a large variety of videos online but is also doing a 30-day Beginner’s Course right now. Go check her out, I’m sure you will love her.


Tone It Up – The new year is honestly the best time to start a new workout regime because EVERYBODY IS DOING AN INTRODUCTORY SERIES!!! Lemme just tell you, it’s great. Tone It Up offers both a workout plan and a nutrition plan. Get itttttt, girl.


Blogilates – YouTube is the future of the world, lemme just tell you. Blogilates got her start on YouTube, but is now basically taking over the fitness world with her incredible energy and amazing classes. Check out her website here for her full spectrum of offerings. Also, Taylor Swift invited her to her house for a 1989 listening session a couple of years ago so she’s basically Taylor-approved. And anything Taylor-approved is also Sally-approved.


Best of luck to all of you starting to exercise and take better care of your body this year! We can do this. We can do this in bite-sized pieces.

That First Monday Of The Year


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It’s the first Monday of 2016. The first Monday that should in retrospect be a crappy day, judging by the countless crappy Monday’s I assume you’ve had in your life thus far. Judging by all of the spilled coffees, forgotten Monday morning deadlines, mis-matched socks, and half-asleep decision-making, you’ve come to despise those Monday morning alarms, as have I. But I think that we can re-position Mondays this year as fresh starts. Starting your day with intention is the best way to re-awaken your soul and purpose, both in your daily life and in your long-term growth and change.

This is the first Monday of the year, and you have the choice today to make this the most purposeful year of your life. Be more present, strive further and faster after dreams and goals, and compartmentalize your time in order to fit in new brain space for growth. Make 2016 the year of intention, in how you spend your time, what you allow to occupy your thoughts, and the people that you allow to fill your life with everyday moments.

Today I’m sharing some things that can help you kick-start your new year and kick-start your Monday. Mindy Kaling will help you find your drive in Why Not Me?, you can flirt with your coffee in an adorable ‘I like you a latte’ mug, and kick ass and forget names in your new favorite shirt. All while wearing cute shoes, obviously. (Full list of links above, of course.)

Happy Monday! Let’s make this a great year, shall we? Also, it’s totally a coincidence that I included Sally’s Baking Addiction cookbook in this, but hey! It might be a sign that there is a lot of baking in store 😉

West Elm, I Love You.


There are a few things I want in life. I want the entire Molly & Hatch kitchen collection from Anthropologie, and I want West Elm to sponsor my life. They can be in charge of my throw blankets, my bedroom furniture, my candle collection… Everything, really.

I’ve been looking for a pen holder for my desk for quite some time, and they are all either too metal-y or too cheap-looking or they just don’t match my room or vibe at all. But then yesterday I was walking past a West Elm and thought to myself “Hmmmmmmm…. I wonder if they would have one..” AND LEMME TELL YOU…… THEY DID 😍. Well okay technically it’s supposed to be a candle holder but whatever I’m using it as a pen holder and it is GLORIOUS.


West Elm, I love you.

That Time I Have More New Year’s Resolutions


“WOW SALLY ANOTHER POST ABOUT NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS?!!? HOW REVOLUTIONARY!!” – said no one, ever. I just have a lot of goals, okay? Okay. Let’s get started.

  1. Go to more coffee shops to work. PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE. I need interactions with real humans more (and to drink better coffee, tbh). Working from home is the best thing ever but I need to make sure I’m still getting those face-to-face interactions that I crave.
  2. Yoga. I want to start doing more yoga and treating my body better from the inside out. I would like to implement yoga videos into my daily routine so I can either start or end my day with yoga.
  3. Buy less makeup. I love the world of makeup and beauty and reading beauty blogs and watching YouTube tutorials (THEY ARE SO RELAXING, I DO NOT UNDERSTAND?!!), but I’ve found that the majority of my favorite products come from the drugstore. So I’ve vowed to not spend any money on high-end makeup this year even though I LOVE trying out new products. However, I will make an exception for skincare because I truly believe that that good skin comes from treating your skin right & then you have to wear less makeup anyways, sooooo……
  4. Take more photos. Well… I’ve talked about this many times but I’m trying to make it a priority.
  5. Cut my hair. MY HAIR IS SO LONG NOW. I don’t think it’s ever been this long. Ever? Time for a change, y’all.

Okay there’s part 2 of my New Year’s resolutions. I pinky promise that’s the last of them. Maybe :) Happy New Year everyone!


My New Year’s Resolutions

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 8.22.41 AM

New Year’s Resolutions are the time when I sit down and realize that I accomplished NONE of my resolutions from last year and that I accomplished NONE of my New Year’s resolutions from the year before and wonder why in the world I would ever sit down and write them all over again.

Really though, why? Let’s talk about it. I think we write new year’s resolutions because we have big goals of what we want our lives to look like the people we want to be and become, and I think that that it itself is such a blessing that we really should embrace it. We need to embrace this feeling of new beginnings and of change and of bettering ourselves. We need to embrace it because to have that mindset that you are powerful enough and you are strong enough to grow and evolve into a better version of yourself means that you are strong enough to do it. Bottle up that motivation and keep in it a jar next to your bed so that when you wake up every morning, you can realize that you are capable enough and you are good enough to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Motivation is a powerful thing, and I think it’s beautiful that the world is brimming with it this time of year. And on that note, let’s talk about my New Year’s Resolutions!

  1. Run more. I’ve come to the conclusion that gyms are not where I want to spend my time. There’s something so suffocating about them given that I spend all my time indoors already. I would like to start running more OR find an exercise class that is cheap/nearby. Any suggestions?
  2. Cook more. I just honestly did not cook in 2015. I was all about the frozen dinners & microwave meals. This is playing more into my over-arching goal of having a better work-life balance. Right now the scale is basically skewed all-the-way towards work. In 2016, I’d like to set aside more “me” time, where I can pursue personal interests and grow in those areas. This includes cooking more meals myself.
  3. Bake more. I LOVE TO BAKE. It’s very relaxing for me.  I love finding the best recipes and making the best treats and then making everyone around me eat them because if I ate entire batches of cookies by myself my blood sugar would skyrocket me into a land I don’t want to live in.
  4. Grow professionally. I am actually starting a new job on Monday, so how’s that for starting off the new year fresh? There’s was some reorganization within my company, and I am switching teams/positions. I will now be in a more writing-focused role in a space that really excites me. I think it’s going to be a good fit, and I’m excited to see where this year will take me professionally.
  5. Read more. BOOKS. I LOVE BOOKS. Also, as a writer it is really beneficial to read books and explore different writing styles and immerse yourself in different stories.
  6. Blog more. Okay so this leads back to the work-life balance issue. I LOVE BLOGGING, I just either never have time or I just don’t want to open back up my computer after staring at it for 9 hours for work every day. But in 2016, I hope to re-establish a schedule where I can have blogging as a part of my daily or weekly routine.

And those are it. What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

Ps the picture above is a screenshot of a gif from the gif booth at our company holiday party this year. A GIF BOOTH. This is the future, y’all.

Travel Essentials


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The holidays means traveling. And traveling means packing…… I hate packing. You have to pack enough alternate clothing/shoes options for any activities that may occur, and I always end up over-packing and stuffing half of my wardrobe into a bag way too small for that, UGH. Today we’re talking about how to be an efficient packer, because I’m obviously so knowledgable in that area.

Organization is the main key for having a successful packing experience. You want a bag big enough for your essentials, but not SO big that you can stuff your winter coat and your favorite cousin into it. Even though truthfully I would love to stuff my favorite cousin into my carry-on bag…. I suggest this “STOP IT THAT’S SO CUTE I NEED IT IN MY LIFE” duffel and this one, which is adorable as well.

You need to compartmentalize as well. DO NOT JUST STUFF EVERYTHING IN AND EXPECT TO BE ABLE TO NAVIGATE IT. I repeat, DO NOT. Have a separate bag for your toiletries/makeup (this one is adorable! #sparklelife), and purchase something so that you can easily find your keys (this puff ball will help, trust me)!

Side note: I’ve been wanting to purchase this passport holder since the moment Bando released it, but alas do not have any plans to leave the country any time soon so I cannot get myself to do it. It’s just so cute though…… *insert sobbing emojis here.*

Other things you may need? A travel mug? A planner? A tinted moisturizerDONUT SOCKS?!?! The possibilities are endless, truly..


The other day I was in a SoulCycle class and the instructor was talking about how the month of November seems to be the month of gratitude. He was talking about how this is the only time of year that we truly stop and think about what we are grateful for, but that stopping to think about what you are grateful for should be a daily occurrence.

We’re all telling our own story. Maybe your story includes heartbreak and sadness, but it also includes a body that hasn’t given up on you yet and the chance to wake up every morning and shape your future into what you want it to be. The holidays are hard for a lot of people, and it forces us to face a lot of different feelings that we bury away throughout the year. Lost loved ones, severed relationships, forced relationships, travel stress, or even a surplus of food if you are trying to lose weight. But I think it’s important to remember that those hardships do not define you or your life. You are so much bigger and better than any external roadblocks. You are made of the stars and the sky and the whole universe wrapped up into a tiny package. You are important, and the opinion of those who don’t know you have no weight in the value that you bring to this life.

I think it all circles back to being present in your life. Be aware of your surroundings, of the people in it, of the things you are fortunate enough to do every single day. Even if you’re not at the point in your life where you want to be or where you thought you would be by now, be grateful for your story. Be grateful for your story because it’s never been told before, and you have the chance to make it into something extraordinary.

Those Christmas Vibes

Time off is not good for me. I almost bought a Christmas sweater with a picture of a sheep on it at Target this morning. A SHEEP. Granted, it did say ‘Fleece Navidad’ and it was nothing short of absolutely-freaking-adorable, but still. Christmas is just around the corner and now that I’m out of LA (back home in NorCal now!), I can actually see the Christmas spirit because I’m not just cooped up in my apartment all the time in fear of the traffic and the mobs of people.

I just realized that Thanksgiving has not even arrived yet and I am already talking about Christmas. Whoops. Anyways….

I can actually see the seasons a little bit in NorCal. Revolutionary, right? Fog and chilly mornings and colorful leaves on the trees and the large selection of holiday mugs at Starbucks make me feel very festive. All I want to do is purchase red sweaters with sheep on them and wear boots and bake sugar cookies and watch Elf. Any takers? Anybody want to partake in those activities with me?

(Side Note: The Starbucks holiday mug selection this year is nooottttt that great, ugh.)

Okay cool, glad I got that off my chest. Just wanted to pop in with that quick lil’ update. You may now return to your regularly scheduled lives :)